Click Funnels Review Does It Worth It?

Table Of Contents

  1. introduction
    • What is ClickFunnels?
    • Page Funnel Builder
  2. Why Would You Need Marketing Funnels For Your Business?
    • The Importance of Marketing Funnels
  3. What Is The Sales Funnel?
    • Understanding the Sales Funnel Concept
  4. ClickFunnels Pricing
    • Standard Plan
    • ClickFunnels Platinum
    • Funnel Builder Secrets
  5. Does ClickFunnels Worth This Price?
    • Assessing the Value of ClickFunnels
  6. What Are ClickFunnels Features
    • Detailed Overview of ClickFunnels Features
    • Landing Page Builder
    • Funnel Design Templates
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Hosting
    • Drag & Drop Editor
    • Webinars
    • Integrated Shopping Cart
    • Page Builder
    • E-Mail Service
    • Funnel Flix (Training)
    • How To Setup ClickFunnels?
  7. How Can ClickFunnels Help Entrepreneurs?
    • Empowering Entrepreneurs with ClickFunnels
  8. What Does ClickFunnels Do?
    • The Functionality of ClickFunnels
  9. What Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?
    • Overview of ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
    • Benefits of ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
    • ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp
  10. What Are the Types of Funnels?
  • Different Types of Funnels in ClickFunnels
  1. ClickFunnels Bonuses
  • Bonuses Offered When Signing Up for ClickFunnels
  1. ClickFunnels Support and Contact
  • How to Get Support and Contact ClickFunnels
  1. ClickFunnels Books
  • Traffic Secrets Book
  • Expert Secrets Book
  1. ClickFunnels Courses
  • Free Courses Offered by ClickFunnels
  • Affiliate Marketing Course
  1. ClickFunnels Affiliate Login
  • How to Log in as an Affiliate Marketer
  1. ClickFunnels Final Conclusion
  • Summary of the Benefits and Value of ClickFunnels
  1. Get Your Free Trial Now
  • Encouragement to Try ClickFunnels with a Free Trial

What is click funnels ??

Click funnels is a website and sales funnel builder for building high converting sales pages, landing pages, generating leads, collecting E-mails, webinars, membership sites.

upsells and downsells and every type of sales funnel you think of you will find there.

plus you can guide your visitors step by step through the entire sales process so they do not get confused or lost.

And follow up with your visitors even after they leave the sales page.

click funnels gives you the tools and strategies you need to succeed in your business and grow it rapidly inconvenient spot.

Using click funnels means building highly converting sales pages and collecting e-mail lists rapidly and conveniently.

Basically you’re getting everything you need to launch and sell your products online without having to hire any marketer to help you.

In click funnels, everything has been created for you NO technical knowledge required.

Sales funnel will save your time, money, and exertion.

Click funnels gives pre-made sales funnels, landing pages builder, and plenty of templates with drag and drop editing features.

And providing a flexible funnel design process the funnel works step by step brings traffic in closer and closer until the visitor ends up at a payment page.

And people who are using click funnels have resounding success.

Click funnels was created in 2014 by Russell Brunson and his team since that time they have converted click funnels into over $100 million a year business.

And today they have over 100.5K.

The founder of this clickfunnels also the author of DotCom Secrets and expert secrets two books.

His fans rave about and that guide people throughout his marketing methods.

entrepreneurs who are actively using click funnels to easily get their products and their message out the world.

when you sign up to click funnels you’ll get 14 days free trial and many valuable bonuses for more details about these bonuses go down.

click funnels gives it is members so many features to build your sales funnels from beginning to highly converting sales pages.

Using click funnels is necessary for every person who wants to make money online does not matter either you’re selling your own products.

Or doing affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products to get a commission because using high converting sales funnel will increase your chance of getting sales.

click funnels an amazing integrated delivery system that allows you to quickly set up marketing sales, add your products.

The dashboard of the software so easy use and of course there are a lot of videos to teach you how to use clickfunnels and the sales funnels explained there.

Overall this tool so wonderful it gives you everything you need in one place.

Why Would You Need Marketing Funnels For Your Business?

Marketing funnels are the main part to build a successful online business.

That can generate 5 or 6 figures monthly is not easy, also not difficult if you found the right tools that would help you in your business.

If you’re thinking of doing everything yourself you’ll need to know how to build high converting sales pages.

Design, generate leads, collecting e-mail lists, and manage your store effectively.

Even if you have an amazing plan of a business without right and successful tools will struggle a lot and will not achieve your goals.

That why clickfunnels has been created to help entrepreneurs like you to overcome many challenges facing you in your business and achieve resounding success with less work and time.

take a look at these videos

What Is The Sales Funnel ??

Before diving deep in, it is important to understand the main functions of the sales funnel and how it could change your business to a high-profit generator.

Sales funnel is the process where you guide a lead or visitors in order to convert them into buyers, sales funnel transform leads into permanent customers.

The main idea of creating sales funnels to get customers’ e-mails and then you can build strong relationships with your audience and trust.

This would make them easier to make a purchase decision and that how you can make money with e-mail marketing it is a super easy and essential part of your business.

A sales funnel method is needed to send customers to the sales page this page should be designed and formatted in such a way attractive so that people will not hesitate to make a purchase.

By building wonderful sales funnel you can massively increase your profits.

Most of the time highly converting sales pages will comprise catchy headlines.

And accompanied by relevant videos or images and bullet points that provide a rapidly informative description of how this product important for one’s life.

All these actions are required to make the visitors excited about the products.

And once they have entered their credit card information in your sales funnel and made a purchase this is the beginning of your nice journey with your customers.

And you could offer them additional offers a few days later and other kinds of upselling and down-sell.

With so many different types of funnels are available today you need to figure out which one is the best suitable for your business.

And how you can target your clients and easily convince them to make a purchase.

This software goes step by step and brings the visitor closer and closer until ends up with a purchase action this tool unique.Clickfunnels considered one of the best sales funnel website

And makes the dream real and there are thousands of success stories these are some of them.

Click Funnels Pricing

standard plan

The starting plan is $97 per month you’ll get access to the entirety of the software features but limits of this package are

. 20 sales funnel

. 100 landing pages

. 20,000 visitors per month

. 3 custom domains

. Actionetics and backpack not included.

. A/B split tests included

. E-mail integration included.

Click funnels platinum

. Unlimited funnels

. Unlimited landing pages

. Unlimited custom domains

. Actionetics and Backpack are included

. A/B split tests included

. E-mail integration included

. Funnel flix plus tons of training.

Funnel Builder Secrets

full click funnel estison suite plus bonuses

. 6 months of etison suite included

. Unlimited funnels

landing pages and traffic

. Actionetics and backpack included.

. Includes instant traffic hacks, funnel hacks, master class, inception secrets, and Seinfeld e-mail sequences.

Get funnel builder now

Does Click Funnels Worth This Price ??

As a comparison to the features, you’ll get I think it does worth the price.

And the reason is that it has excellent free training and it does more than competitor websites like lead pages or thrives.

also, you don’t have to start with higher the standard package is suitable for your business.

And once you start making high monthly profits you can upgrade to the higher package.

What Are Click Funnels Features

The software gives you everything you need like good control of your sales funnels.

The template editor and integrated management system is a good example of the funnel’s functions.

  1. Funnels template blueprint

This software has around 22 different types of professional sales funnels templates.

That can be used for any kind of business either it is small or big and these templates are classified into four categories.

. Sales page funnels

. Lead capture funnels

. Event funnels. membership funnels.

Each funnel has it is own templates and paid templates that you can choose from according to which type of funnel you want to build and for what purpose.

1.A/B split testing this feature allows you to choose what percentage traffic you want to see per page.

And gives the ability to test conversion rates easily.

Also, there are some types of pre-built funnels that have been oriented to different types of business.

You can select from or build your own funnels according to your product needs.

  1. Hosting

This software will host all your sales funnels, landing pages, leads, and webinars in one place as a part of the service.

And also takes care of all security and maintenance issues ensuring that your pages loading rapidly.

  1. Drag & drop editor

Building sales funnels and landing pages using it is super easy and smooth.

Everything is ready just you need to drag & drop to build your amazing sales funnels stages.

Content blocks you can choose from tons of varying elements such as videos, images, and other symbols that can easily be dragged and dropped into your funnel.

Background select background colors, images, videos, and more features you have an ability to add them.

  1. Webinars

Using this sales funnel software you can easily host webinars to spread your brand name, sell products or discuss some topics.

There are two ways you will be able to host a webinar using click funnels first you can host a live webinar using some platform like GoTo Webinar or zoom.

Second, you can use click funnels event funnel to manage the registration process and increase attendance.

The alternative method for the above you can a pre-recorded webinar that click funnels can play on-demand automatically will run the entire webinar for you.

Get Free webinar Here

  1. Integrated shopping cart

These very helpful tools help you to track all purchases on your website, click funnels has incorporated in this tool in their tools suites.

  1. Page Builder

This is one of the main features of click funnels that why I must devote special attention to it.

The funnel builder gets most of the high rating feedback due to this feature and really this solid landing page and builder.

  1. Funnel Design Templates

There are many different templates including sales pages, squeeze pages, subscription, order, payment, events, leads, and thank-you pages.

You can choose from them according to your needs these templates and landing pages are created and fully optimized.

To generate high converting rates and engagement to your business.

A click funnels is landing pages and a funnel builder knows what converts customers well and what does not.

Also, you can make your own templates and save them or choose from pre-built templates.

Once you choose a template you’ll be working with a drag and drop editor to manage it.

The editor uses page structure with four main parts columns, sections, elements and rows.

You’ll have multiple sections in each page columns and rows are inserted inside the section.

Elements are dynamics that go inside the columns to be attractive to your customers.

It may look complicated but in reality not it is very easy to use.

And also the software provides videos to guide you step by step through the entire features of the funnel.

And how to build and edit your website, the editor allows for several customizations and offers.

A good control system furthermore you can add your own CSS, javascript, and HTML codes if you prefer that.

  1. E-Mail Service

This software integrates with many popular email programs including Aweber, MailChimp, Get response, salesforce Hubspot and more.

However, click funnels offers it is own marketing automation platform including actionetics which exist in the Etison suite plan.

Actionetics integrates with your funnel and helps to keep all your online activities with click funnels dashboard.

With actionetcs you can

  • set up e- mail and smart lists
  • Create e-mail campaigns
  • Design action funnel and follow up funnel
  • Use clickbots
  • Track customers matric.

As you see the additional features in actionetcs plan make it easier to connect with your customers.

  1. The build-in included training (funnelflix ) amazing

If you want to raise your business up then funnelflix training for you it is a brilliant resource that every marketer should get it.

Here are the entire collections of funnelflix concentrated content includes

  • 30 days book videos
  • Funnel builder secrets
  • Affiliate bootcamp
  • Products secrets
  • Funnel university

Also, there are other fantastic modules such as Ads Skills which is a premium course for learning paid traffic strategies.

And even tony Robbin’s private collection is there as well.

Honestly, even if you’re not interested in clickfunnels you may take the 14 days free trial to watch these courses.

Funnelflix makes click funnels a legitimate marketing training platform.

How To Setup Clickfunnels ??

Clickfunnels is an online platform that allows you to build fantastic landing pages highly converting for the products you’re promoting.

And generate sales leads and email lists which is an important part of the marketing.

This software allows you to customize all your pages in one simple platform and so many features.

How Can Clickfunnels Help Entrepreneurs ??

Now over 100.5K entrepreneurs who are actively using clickfunnels for their business to get their products out to the whole world.

This funnel puts everything in one organized place to help it is users quickly build their funnels and launch the products these funnels convert so well.

In marketing platforms, the best software is usually multi-function and designed to grab the attention of customers who are just browsing into buyers.

The importance of multi-function software because a lot must occur between the time that a prospect aware enough.

When they act and successfully make a purchase it will find them when they are mentally and emotionally ready to interact with your sales page.

Click funnel is the best software platform effectively can achieve these actions.

True sales funnels are built with specific behavioral and decision triggers, content is built to address the customer buying state.

Clickfunnels members usually identifying themselves as funnels Hackers.

The software uses the SAAS system to deliver the applications.

It is very easy to use and build your entire sales funnels in a short time without and programming background.

Many training videos are provided there to guide you.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to go deep in the digital marketing world.

clickfunnels is the best choice it is simple to use energy and time-saving.

And automates some of the redundant tasks that are necessary in order to communicate with the customers and bring them close to your products.

By using landing pages to distribute free guides and reports would solve common problems for buyers in the market.

And you’ll constantly get new leads to engage with what might develop into future sales or listing.

All of this is possible to do because clickfunnels makes the platform easy to use.

What Does Clickfunnels Do?

Click funnels gives you tools and strategies you need to succeed in your business in one place.

Besides the ability to build sales funnels and landing pages.

Also, this platform integrates with many other platforms like PayPal, Stripe for payment processes and Get response, MailChimp for e-mail marketing.

And many other features.

Clickfunnels comes with analytics software that gives a full analysis of your sales pages and how the conversion rate going and A/B tests to test your sales funnels and leads.

There are variations in funnels types built to fit different types of businesses like coaches, consultants, speakers, gym, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, agencies.

Freelancers, local small businesses, and even those who are offering B2B services also very helpful in their business.

It provides Facebook marketing automation and smart shopping cards basically everything business owners need to be organized in one simple dashboard.

What Is Clickfunnels Affiliate Program?

One of the best features of click funnels their affiliate program it gives 40%.

Recurrent monthly commission for anyone signs up under your affiliate link and they have a sticky cookie.

It means if someone clicks on your affiliate link using a mobile phone and did not sign up then later on signed up using a computer you’ll get commissions.

As long as that person paying for his / her monthly subscription.

Also, new clickfunnels affiliate will earn you a 20% commission on purchases of clickfuunels subscriptions that your front end buyers sign up for.

Once you’ve earned $1000 in commissions in a month you can apply to become an approved affiliate earning 30% monthly recurrent commission.

check it here

Since the launch of click funnels affiliate program, they’ve paid over $52 million in commission to their affiliate members and in 2018 alone they paid $22 million and they’ve awarded 98 affiliate members with their dream car.

And the very good thing is that they have many different affiliate products you can promote and get recurrent commissions.

Some of their like 30 days summit, DotCom secrets, express secrets, funnel builder secrets, ladyboys. one way funnel challenge, traffic secrets, and dream car program.

Which amazing if you get 200 active members and let’s assume they subscribed in the basic plan which costs $97 per month.

which means you’ll get $39 from each person so if you calculate $39 х 200 = $7800 per month doing nothing.

This is a really cool thing and it is achievable many people did more than this money.

Also, clickfunnels has a great feature called share funnel the idea here is you can build sales funnel inside your account and share this funnel with other people.

If someone clicks the funnel will be directed the main clickfunnels website so if he/she signs up you’ll get a commission.

They are constantly announcing new features and adding new affiliate products to the affiliate program.

Clickfunnels affiliate sticky cookie this means when a person clicks your affiliate link even did not register.

The software will start sending him/her notifications about the program and how can get the benefits of it.

It means they promote your link on behalf of you and once the customer signs up you’ll get recurrent commission really clickfunnels very generous in it is an affiliate program.

Some affiliate products have a high commission like funnel hacks system $398.50 recurrent commission and furthermore amazing feature is that Bootcamp affiliate program.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

This 100% free training course will teach you how to become a super affiliate in 100 days .

Sign up here

There are many pros and cons in this training this course could be sold for over $1000 and you’ll get it for free, the amount of value you get is huge.

When you sign up to the program you’ll get

How to building lists

How to get social followers


Long-standing recurrent commission

Ability to join the Facebook group there are a lot of people who are promoting these products and you’ll get their strategies in the promotion.

I highly recommend you to join this best affiliate program today and get started making your first commissions everything mentioned here is free.

Here are some tips to guide you through your affiliate journey

Clickfunnels has really grown itself into a community build around a funnel program.

First of all, go to click funnels facebook group called (clickfunnels avengers ) and join this group.

There are thousands of people who are passionate about this program and making money from it.

clickfunnels recently announced that they’ll no longer allow affiliates to bid their keywords.

They have a list of keywords that don’t allow anyone to use them in his/her paid ads.

If you want to know these keywords go to click funnels website and go down the page you’ll find affiliate click on it.

Then will open a page go down the bottom page you’ll find the list because they are continuously updating them.

Also announced that they’ll re-targeting all traffics sent by the affiliate for free, that means if you sent the customer to click funnels they’ll pay ads costs for you to get the commission.

This software continues to be the best and constantly updating their products.

This funnel is great to promote because it solves real problems and gives real solutions to business owners with clickfunnels.

A lot of money will be made some super affiliate members already achieved $1000,000 as revenue.

And with new updates, it became more lucrative to be as an affiliate member.

Join today for this amazing affiliate program.

what are the type of funnels ??

tripwire funnels

This a sales letter or video sales letter funnel this type of funnel is generally for the products that require a little more selling.

Either the product needs more explanation or you need a presentation to sell people on the perceived value of what you’re selling.

This funnel uses one-click upsells to generate additional profit per customer.

  1. Launch funnel

This is used when you’re looking to launch a new product or a service and you want to build up excitement for the launch.

This funnel is made famous by Jeff Walker called ‘ the product launch ‘ the funnel works really well for selling more expensive products.

Because you have more time to sell people on the perceived value of what you’re selling.

Unboxing funnel

This funnel is generally for lower price products the main goal of this funnel to get a customer and then use 1 click upsells funnel to generate profits.

  1. webinar funnel

A live webinar using a 3rd party software like gotowebinar and zoom.

clickfunnels is used to customize the registration process and increase conversion and sales.

  1. Autowebinar funnels

This is completely run on clickfunnel for this you’ll take a presentation you’ve already created and use click funnel to run the whole event.

  1. squeeze page funnels

This longer form application leads where you’re getting a name, phone number, and more detailed information about the lead.

Clickfunnels bonuses

when you sign up to clickfunnels you’ll get 14 days and these bonuses including

Products secrets

Get traffics secrets book here

One way challenge

30 days challenge

Funnels builder secrets

Ads skills course

boot camp affiliate

Free funnels book templates

Free webinar funnels template

Free products launch funnels templates

Free high tick funnels template.

And tremendous bonuses & features you’ll find there

Clickfunnels support and contact

Clickfunnels provides support through the chat box you can ask your question.

Then they’ll answer you, they don’t have phone number support another way to contact clickfunnels is through their social media accounts.

Facebook, there is a Facebook group called click funnels official you can ask them there and they’ll answer you of course.

If you want to join as an affiliate marketer to promote clickfunnels product there is a Facebook for people who are promoting clickfunnels products this called clickfunnels avengers (affiliate).

In this group, you’ll be guided by people promoting affiliate products and tell you how to promote to earn commissions.

Clickfunnels Books

Clickfunnels offers traffic secrets book this book tells how to generate traffic to your website or your funnels and get a lot of visits per month.

If you could generate massive traffic that means you can make a lot of money from different sources.

Also, they have another book called expert secrets that talks about how to become an expert in marketing and scale your business levels and get massive traffic.

They offer a one-way challenge funnel they’re saying that they will teach you how to build and launch your funnel in 30 days.

Clickfunnels Course

Clickfunnels provides free course will teach you how to become a super clickfunnels affiliate marketer.

In 100 days you’ll find this course in clickfunnels Bootcamp affiliate program.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Login

It’s very easy to enroll in clickfunnels affiliate program as an affiliate marketer you only need to enter your real email address and your first and last name that is all needed.

Then in your dashboard, you’ll find all links for the available products to promote for a commission.

Clickfunnels login

In clickfunnels there are two types of accounts the first to register as an entrepreneur.

This for people who already have products to sell and need to build attractive sales funnels for their products.

This software is really helpful for an entrepreneur to manage their products and sell them easily and rapidly for those entrepreneurs they log in as clickfunnels members.

The second choice is to log in to clickfunnels as an affiliate marketer to sell clickfunnels’s products and services for commission.

here also the same as entrepreneurs account but here you’ll register in the affiliate program.

you need to enter your first and last name and your real e-mail address to notifications if there is any news or changes in the program.

The good thing about clickfunnels affiliate program that it gives you all banners to use them in your ads campaigns or your posts if you’re doing blogging.

Clickfunnels Final Conclusion

Doubtless that clickfunnels is one of the best marketing tools that exist today.

It can impact any business and scale its monthly profits and its affiliate program amazing program with a high recurrent commission.

If you’re looking for real serious software to help you grow your business.

Then clickfunnels your best choice or if you want to make online starting from scratch.

Then clickfunnels affiliate program is your source of passive income.

It’s a complete package of tools required by any business owner whatever type of business this marketing can help you increase your profits.

I hope this review gives helpful information and I hope you from the bot
tom of my heart all the best.

If you have any question feel free to ask in a comment down below.

Thank you for reading my review

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