GetResponse Review Is this Program For You?

GetResponse Review Is this Program For You?

what is GetResponse?

Getresponse is an email marketing software that allows you to create an email list and capture data into it.

  • You can create a newsletter that can be sent to subscribers on your email list.
  • Statistics analysis of data related to your e-mail marketing campaigns, open rate, link click rate,.
  • Autoresponders can automate your email list to subscribers.
  • You can landing pages to your website
  • You can add opt-in forms to gather e-mails online.
  • Set up appointments and use GetResponse webinar to collaborate across locations.

GetResponse is a platform that can help you scale your business potential through email marketing, advanced

marketing automation, high converting landing pages, funnels builder, Autofunnels, and lead magnet it contains all email marketing tools you need to get started.

Over 35,000 customers worldwide use it daily to

  • Create email campaigns
  • Create newsletter which so important in email marketing
  • Build sales funnels and funnels builder
  • Design landing pages
  • Manage stores like ecom and Shopify.
  • Generate sales traffic via social media platforms.
  • Host webinars.
  • Many conditional elements and tags for automation.
  • Huge selection of pre-made templates.
  • A/B testing capabilities.
  • A lot of high-quality support channels available there.

Getresponse is one of a few email marketing tools that contains sales pre-made sales funnels, templates, and lead

magnet competes for click funnels in some features like sales funnels and funnels builder but click funnels is more

advanced than GetResponse in sales funnels.

Getting all these tools in one software like GetResponse is amazing and it’s definitely well scaling your business and save you time and energy.

GetResponse was created in 1997 and the first office was opened in 1998 since that time it’s grown massively with a

company with over 35,000 customers in 183 countries, 300 teammates, and 15 years of experience in email marketing.

GetResponse uses a tag and custom field for subscribers management.

GetResponse features

GetResponse is a complete digital marketing platform

Pre-built campaign templates one the best features of GetResponse is it’s pre-made marketing funnels, templates,

and lead magnet which will guide you step by step through the creation of these campaigns and track all associated metrics.

Autoresponders are newsletters that will be sent to your subscribers at intervals determined by you. You can set

them up if someone signs up to your e-mail list immediately will receive a welcome message from your business,

then two or three days later or even a week the time is

determined by you so your mailing list subscribers will receive a message with a product offer.

after 10 days your subscribers could receive a discount offer for some of your products and then could receive a

message asking them to follow you on social media accounts all these features automatically will be sent to your customers you’ll need to set it only one time.

GetResponse autoresponders offer google analytic integration which will help add an advanced tracking to your e-

mail newsletters with a massive number of templates you can use to design your newsletters.

Getresponse has an autoresponder functionality that provides very good service needed by every marketer.

Personalized email creation according to some statistics that personalized email campaigns can lead up to 29% open

rates and 40% higher click-through the link rate GetResponse provides advanced personalized campaigns that will convert well and bring you better results.

Many e-mail marketing tools allow you to personalize the subject line with the recipient’s name, GetResponse’s

subject line personalization allows you add recipient’s name, gender, country, city, birth date, and more.

To create an email campaign you can use pre-built templates or start from scratch.

while creating the campaign there are many features like adding a video or changing style attributes of content block

these features are absent in many email marketing platforms. This makes GetResponse very helpful in promotional emails or newsletters.

Advanced A/B testing
marketing tool

The more elements of your email campaign you test, the more data you can get, and that what does GetResponse

offers. It offers many options for A/B testing that means you keep optimizing your campaign to the highest possible results. You can test up to 5 options for each of

  1. Subject line
  2. From where field
  3. Delivery time
  4. Content.

E-mail Design functionality
marketing software

GetResponse provides support for mobile devices that means the newsletters automatically will be converted to

mobile devices layout if the customers get accessed using a mobile phone, there are a lot of apps that provide this

feature but GetResponse still is the best when it comes to newsletters preview on mobile devices.

Get 30 days free trial now

Automation Builder

Automation builder very nice feature but it presents only in plus plan(5 workflows) if you sign up in a basic plan you won’t get it.


GetResponse offers templates and tools for building automated sales funnels up to 5 funnels also this feature presents only in the plus plan.

  • Create Facebook ads using very nice templates to generate amazing traffic.
  • Send traffic to high converting landing pages created by GetResponse.
  • Use GetResponse pop up to generate leads.
  • Use automated e-mail marketing to capture leads
  • Use ecom integrations to process payment.
  • Create a product catalog
  • Add subscribers to an autoresponder cycle.

GetResponse provides you with an easy complete package of tools to create attractive sales funnels without need to

other tools or apps and a large number of templates are provided to help you create funnels easily.

If you want integrated anther platform like Shopify, e-commerce, or Esty all can be integrated easily.

Autofunnels is the best choice for those who want all the necessary tools for sales pages creation in one simple place and easy to use.


The customer relationship management tool isn’t so important but as added value only in the plus plan or higher.

CRM can do all data exporting and importing in one place also you can create a sales pipeline, add contacts to them and track the activities like email, phone call, and so on.

And GetResponse has upgraded this feature and added it to all GetResponse email marketing functionality so you

can add users to the CRM pipeline based on their activity such as opening emails and purchasing or trigger an

autoresponder based on the addition of a new pipeline.

You can add a contact to a particular step on the sales pipeline based on the page of your site where they’ve completed a form on.

Then you could send them an automated email to that pipeline stage a few days later.

And based on the action they’ll take on that email you can automatically take them to another stage to pipeline and

then automatically invite them to the webinar.

Data capture and forms

There are two ways to use forms in GetResponse you can either add HTML form that you can yourself or you can

design your form in GetResponse (picking up from preexisting templates to design your site)

If you select the second method you can add the form to your site using Javascript code to display your form this

the form can be presented in different formats, Javascript format not responsive and addition to that no controls are

affected by GetResponse to switch the forms ON or OFF on particular devices or individual pages on your site.

30 days free trial here

best email marketing software

This feature presents in all plans except for the basic plan.

Webinars are generally used as leads generator the idea of having your webinar tool and your email database under the same roof is attractive.

The pricing also very competitive comparing to established webinar solutions. For instance, the GotoWebinar

platform charges about $89 per month to host webinars for up 100 attendees you get the same or more with GetResponse for $49 per month.

Being able to host a webinar with your email marketing platform a big boost without it you’d have to anther platform

for hosting and integrate your webinars into your email marketing tool some platforms offer this feature for up $99

per month thanks to GetResponse it offers this for only 49 per month.

GetResponse plus plan allows to host a webinar with up to 100 participants, the professional plan allows up to 300

participants and the Enterprise plan allows up to 500 participants.

You can buy hosting a webinar feature and add it to the basic plan for $ 40 per month, the good thing about

GetResponse webinar is your attendees don’t have to install to attend the webinar.

One-click record of your webinar.

Screen sharing feature.

Free storage for playback files.

Webinar hosting is very useful to have sitting in your email marketing, and it’s included as a feature gives

GetResponse a significant bonus over its competitors also you can link it into CRM tool.

List segmentation

Lets you focus on the most important leads to capture and allows you to transfer multiple data segments together at

the same time, this feature absent in many e-mail marketing software, allows you to choose which data segment you’ll send.

For instance, if you have A, B, C, D,F, and so on.

Using GetResponse you’ll be able to send messages to B, D, C, and exclude A and F.

Also, you use the same process for your lists to send some of them at a specific time and exclude some lists, and you

can exclude some people from the lists this won’t be found in many e-mail marketing automation software.

Some segmentation options

  • Contact information
  • Location
  • Customer engagement
  • Date of subscription or last time you send a message.
  • A customer’s last action

GetResponse opt-in Tool

There are two ways to add subscribers a double or single opt-in the process if you’re using single opt in the customers

who sign up for the e-mail list will be added immediately after they click the submit button.

If you’re using the double opt-in process the customer will receive a message with confirmation link then he/she

should click that link to be added to your list the single opt-in process more convenient than a double one.

A double opt-in case you want to check if they’re using their genuine email addresses or not. So this opt-in suitable if you want accurate statistics.

There is a huge difference between opt-in e-mail marketing and spam e-mail marketing, opt-in allows you to send e-

mails to your list subscribers by clicking on the link, you’ll use this method for whatever email you’re going to send

and they’ll receive a message in their e-mail box.

Unlike spam, e-mail subscribers receive a message in their promotional box so most of the time they’ll not open it and of course this bad.

GetResponse solves this problem with its opt-in process to ensure the arrival of all messages into e-mail boxes as normal messages, not as spams.

Here are some features of the opt-in marketing process

1.Low e-mail marketing cost.

  1. Only interested people get into your list

3. Your lists become more targeted and valuable.

  1. More sales with less effort.

5. Will help you to highly targeted e-mail campaigns

  1. Your offers will arrive in an e-mailbox not spam box.

Landing pages builder

Many e-mail marketing software provides this feature but GetResponse is more advanced in some points like price range that offers landing pages creator low as compare to many tools.

Second thing GetResponse generates landing pages with clear data capture forms. You can create one landing page

can be shown 1000 time a month.

GetResponse has 100s of completely customized landing pages templates and it’s very easy to edit and add elements like images, columns.

The templates have been divided by category into






Thank you



You can get full GetResponse e-commerce marketing tools only available for the plus plan or higher so you can sell al e-commerce products.

GetResponse Delivery process

GetResponse delivery rate and percentage of e-mails will be sent successfully this absolutely amazing and must be a top.

Some e-mail marketing tools don’t give any statistics about the delivery rate and percentage this indicates their disability to deliver well.

GetResponse is confident enough to deliver e-mails with 99% success they’re saying a lot about their confidence in a

the high delivery rate you can see the delivery rate for every message.

A successful delivery rate is available for all plans with a complete analysis.

Marketing automation

Recently GetResponse has launched a new version of their autoresponder called marketing automation you can use

this feature to build automation workflows just by drag and drop that will tell

GetResponse what to do if a user opens a particular folder or clicks on a link and so no as you determine the orders. It also allows you to create a user journey that can be customized into an NTH degree.

Responsive E-mail Design

GetResponse dominates responsive e-mail design functionality for long period, it adjusts your e-mail newsletters

automatically if a user reading on mobile it will automatically customize it for a mobile view very cool.

In a responsive preview of e-mail newsletter GetResponse better than many email marketing services, you can flip a smartphone preview around, so you can see how does your e-mail newsletter look like.

How does GetResponse work?

GetResponse a platform that allows you to

  • You can easily add your email addresses into your mailing list to be in contact with them and send them offers constantly to generate sales.
  • Add a nice decorated landing page to your website.
  • Add opt-in forms to gather e-mail addresses online.
  • Use GetResponse webinar to collaborate across locations.
  • Create sales funnels for your products.
  • Create lead magnets.

GetResponse Analytics

GetResponse provides good analysis and reporting options you’ll get full analysis reports like click-through link, open rate, unsubscribe a so on.

One-click segmentation is to the people who did not engage with the newsletter offer you can put them a separate segment then later you can send them a new offer in different forms of a newsletter.

Metrics over time you can determine the best time which most of your subscribers are active an engage with your offers and this very cool feature because you’ll need to target right.

Email ROI you can add some tracking codes to your sales page newsletter on your site, so you can measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns how they drive sales.

Per-user information, you’ll be able to select one of your list subscribers and see from where he/she signs up and which emails messages he/she opened in the past.

E-newsletter performance comparison you can compare two newsletters side by side and see the performance of each.

Web fonts in GetResponse

The new GetResponse email creator allows you to use web-fonts extensively a real wide selection of Google fonts can be used in your newsletter more than any other email marketing software.

This wide selection of web fonts amazing because it gives the prevalence of google fonts in corporate branding and will many users to create a newsletter that matches their brands closely.

Who is GetResponse for?

GetResponse is for the following

  1. Business owners both online and local
  2. Affiliate marketers
  3. Shopify store owners
  4. E-commerce store owners
  5. Amazon sellers.
  6. Those who want a lot of automation and affordable price
  7. Those who manage e-mail marketing for other business owners.

Does GetResponse worth the price?

GetResponse does a lot of things for affordable prices compare to other e-mail marketing platforms with similar

features and second thing GetResponse better than much e-email marketing at a higher price than GetResponse.

GetResoponse is so strong software very easy to use it provides so many things amazing landing pages creation, funnels builder creation, leads magnet generation, sales pages.

It offers pre-built templates you can just drag and drop use them in your sales pages one the best feature is that it gives your 30 days free trial you can test it if you see it does not worth the money you can easily cancel your subscription.

Using GetResopnse gives you an ability to build specific customer segments allow to send highly targeted emails to the audience with high converting and delivery rates.

It has an autoresponder which permits you to create relevant content in such a way that highly attract the customers.

Also, one of the best features of GetResponse workflows editor this allows you to set up specific process and create sales page then set up a specific task then send it to the customers in a specific way by put some setting like after how much time this message will be sent automatically

to the customer who did not open it in the first and the version of the message, you need to put an alternative version

of the message, if the first was not attractive to the customer the second one should be, and thus you can increase your message open rate, and of course, more sales will be generated.

Workflow has visual elements that make it very easy to create complex email marketing campaigns in a few easy steps just drag and drop GetResponse amazing software you’ll see.

Get Started Now

GetResopnse sign up or log in

It’s easy simple steps

  1. Put your real email address and your first and second name.
  2. Click on the activation link that will be sent to you to complete your account activation.
  3. Enter your phone number and of course your complete address country, state, city, and street then enjoy your trial.

GetResopnse price

First of all, GetResponse offers 30 days free trial after the trial you’ll need to upgrade your subscription because there

is no complete free plan but the price is competitive compare to many other email marketing tools provide the same

the value or less in some platforms for higher prices.

The basic plan starts with $15 per month and 1000 subscribers which very a few subscribers. this plan includes autoresponders, landing pages, one sales funnel, and a product.

Plus plan starts from $49 per month.

Professional plan from $99 per month.

Enterprise plan you can select how many subscribers you need then the price will be calculated according to your selection.

You can choose to pay monthly get an 18% discount or a 12-month plan get a 30% discount a 24 month these nonprofits plan you can ask for a discount up 50%.

You may think this software is so expensive but it’s 100% worth the money because it does a complete email marketing process no need for anther platform to integrate with.

All plans include the essential features you need in your e-mail marketing

  1. Design high converting sales funnels
  2. Over 220 templates to choose from.
  3. Autoresponders and autofunnels.
  4. A/B testing
  5. Powerful segmentation options.

Some key differences among the plans

  1. Webinars if your business requires webinars then you’ll need at least plus plan for this.
  2. Automation Builder this presents in plus plan with limited number 5 workflow if you need more than 5 you’ll need to sign up for professional to get unlimited workflow.

In my opinion plus plan is suitable at the beginning later on if your business growing well you can upgrade.

GetResponse ease of use

Normally the more sophisticated software is the more complex this 100% true but in case of GetResponse it does not

follow this rule it has many features but it did make everything very easy to use or to build by dragging and drop features.

It gives you the confidence that it can deliver what you want at a high success rate. While it takes some time to work

out how to navigate each option and how to get where you want to go, and you the ability to personalize and

customize your dashboard with widgets you use frequently.

Navigating the user interface

Once you’ve completed setting up a GetResponse you’ll be presented with a dashboard with 3 funnels with 3 different goals

1.Build a list
  1. Sell a product
  2. Promote a webinar.

You can choose any one of these goals and GetResponse will guide through it step by step to reach your goal.

As soon as you’ve found what you’re looking consider everything is done.

On general speaking GetResponse is pretty nice and easy to this interface was redesigned recently and better and

convenient than in the past, it’s simple to do all needed basics such as import contacts, create nice and converting

sales funnels, create campaigns, set autofunnels, autoresponders, and check your delivery statistics and open rate.

GetResponse newsletter editor is very nice from a point view, the new version email creator it’s much better it’s got a cleaner interface than the previous one.

Let’s talk about support

GetResponse Support

Up until very recently, GetResopnse has the most comprehensive customer support among all other email marketing platforms, the company offered phone number support, chat support, and email support.

Unfortunately recently the phone support has been stopped.

Now they offer live chat 24/7 or you can use email support.

To be fair most platforms in the different fields provide only live chat and email support so I think this is not a big deal.

From the video tours side, the help center, and all customer support options anther way to get the support you can

register for live webinars with the GetResponse team members and there you can ask all questions they’ll answer you of course.

Also, GetResponse provides some courses these are online learning materials they help to get out most of GetResponse and help improve your e-mail marketing skills these courses are

1.E-mail marketing 101 for bloggers
  1. list building course
  2. Essential landing page course

GetResponse pros and cons

  1. Pros of GetResponse are

  • It gives you excellent e-mail marketing options
  • Ease of use and provided videos and courses to help you get started quickly.
  • The discount you’ll when you pay for a one or two years huge discount.
  • A powerful workflow editor makes setting up a complete e-mail marketing campaign easy.
  • Pre-built templates so you can use them instantly or if you want to build your own template from scratch also available.
  • A webinar functionality which not offered by any other competitors.
  • Reporting and comprehensive splitting test features are amazing.
  • All plans include a very nice landing page creator that helps in A/B testing.
  • Complete message analysis open rates and click link rates and more.
  • 24/7 support which included in all plans.
  • 30 days free trial which presents in all plans so you don’t have to invest any money at the beginning.


  • The basic plan allows only 1000 subscribers which pretty low.
  • No 2 factors authentication at login
  • No phone support is provided.

Final conclusion

Today e-mail marketing is the most effective method to generate traffic and drive sales better than paid ads because it does not cost a lot of money like paid ads and also less time and energy-consuming.

If you have any type of business or you want to start a new you need to have e-mail marketing software and here I

highly recommend GetResponse it does a lot of things with high professionalism and low cost compared to much other e-mail marketing platforms.

I hope this review gives you a clear way and helps you to choose your e-mail marketing software.

Thank you for visiting us

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