Leadpages Review Full Review+Pros&Cons

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • What is Leadpages?
    • Its Role in Marketing
  2. The Key Features of Leadpages
    • Landing Page Builder
    • Email Sign-Up Forms
    • Lead Capture Tools
    • Pop-Ups and Alert Bars
    • Versatility for Webinars, Books, Courses, and Products
  3. Understanding Leadpages’ Role in the Marketing Ecosystem
    • Comparing Leadpages to Other Marketing Tools
    • The Significance of High-Converting Landing Pages
  4. Building with Leadpages: Ease of Use
    • Drag-and-Drop Page Builder
    • Pre-Made Templates
    • Modern Content Editor
    • Optimization Tools
  5. The Power of Templates in Leadpages
    • Mobile Responsiveness
    • Template Types: Standard and Drag-n-Drop
    • Template Customization and Ease of Use
  6. The Leadpages Editor: Creating Landing Pages
    • User-Friendly Editor
    • Editing Text and Elements
    • Countdown Timers and Checkout Elements
  7. Pop-Ups: Enhancing User Engagement
    • Creating High-Converting Leadboxes
    • Automatic Pop-Up Settings
    • The Importance of Leadbox Tracking
  8. A/B Testing: Optimizing Conversions
    • Creating Alternate Page Versions
    • Determining the Winning Version
  9. LeadDigits: SMS Marketing
    • Collecting Phone Numbers
    • Promoting Business via Text
  10. Leadpages Pricing and Plans
    • Standard Plan
    • Pro Plan
    • Advanced Plan
  11. Creating Landing Pages with Leadpages
    • Selecting Templates
    • Customization of Landing Pages
  12. The Versatility of Leadpages
    • Creating Landing Pages
    • Building an Email List
  13. Analytics and Insights
    • Interpretation of Landing Page Analytics
    • Tracking Leads and Lead Magnets
  14. Is Leadpages Worth It?
    • The Value of Conversion Rates
    • Trial Period and Subscription Options
  15. Pros and Cons of Leadpages
    • Advantages of Leadpages
    • Limitations of Leadpages
  16. What Leadpages Can Do for Your Business
    • Aiding Small Businesses
    • Complementing or Replacing Your Website
  17. When to Start Using Leadpages
    • Utilizing Leadpages in Your Marketing Strategy
  18. Further Resources for Learning
  19. Conclusion
    • The Overall Value of Leadpages
  20. Where to Find More Information

what is leadpages?

Leadpages is a marketing software that will help you to create landing pages, email sign up forms, and leads capture tool that will help you build your email list fast by setting up signing forms.

And build landing pages with pop-ups and alert bars feature to collect leads and connect with your audience. You can use these landing pages for your webinars, books, courses, and other products.

Leadpages mostly known for their high converting landing pages better than a lot of other marketing tools but for complete marketing software clickfunnels is the best sales funnel builder and marketing software.

The main importance of leadpages is its ease of use you can build a high converting landing page in a few minutes using drag and drop features.

Leadpages contains many pre-made templates, a modern content editor and some handy optimization tools,

Leadpages has everything you need to start collecting email addresses from your visitors, generating registrations, and selling products and services online.

Leadpages might not be suitable for everyone you need to know all details and what does it provide before get started because there are a lot of landing pages builders like clickfunnels and getResponse so continue reading.

Leadpages Features.

landing pages

To be honest, if you want landing page builder leadpages is the best software to do this, but other features like sales funnels builder and hosting webinars clickfunnels is dominating in this part.

Leadpages one of the most powerful marketing tools out there and it’s very easy to use you don’t need any experience to build converting landing pages for your products just drag and drop.

If you’re looking to make high-converting landing pages with email-capture pop-ups, opt-in forms, and other cool features, then leadpages is your suitable choice.


so your pages and popups will function and look great on any device. The editor makes it easy to preview how your page will look at various sizes as well.

WARNING: Leadpages’ templates ARE NOT PERFECT

They have 150+ templates broken down by objective and also sector.

Mobile responsive so they’ll provide well on any device.

Leadpages’ themes are available in 2 kinds: Criterion as well as Drag-n-Drop. The common templates have really a couple of customization choices (if any type of).

The LeadPages Editor

No skills needed to design converting landing pages because this tool provides many templates you can choose from different variations and make small changes.

Editing text on a page is as simple as clicking on a text element and typing your text inline.

You can add some wedges to your landing page simply like the Countdown timer which allows you to add scarcity to your pages and the new like checkout elements that allow you to sell directly from your landing page and more.


Leadpages lets you create a high-converting Leadbox in a matter of minutes and comes with automatic settings to pop up at the height of your visitor’s interest.

The truth is out when the guest is occupied with your point of arrival, you can coercively attack their visual perception with an offer they can’t won’t.

You can set your pop-up to appear:

  • When a user clicks a button or link
  • On a timer
  • As they’re about to exit in a last-ditch effort to keep their attention

Pro Tip: Enable Leadbox Tracking

Leadbox is an exceptionally successful element that lets you track each guest’s communication with your spring up.

You can follow to what extent guests keep the spring up open and whether it achieves its objective of getting a sign-up or click.

You can assess the performance of a Leadbox by following it with Google Examination. That way, you can perceive what’s performing up to speed and what’s not working and reexamine appropriately.

A/B Testing

A/B screening is currently only available in the common templates/editor, not in drag & drop.

This feature allows you to create alternate page versions that appear randomly to visitors. The version that performs the best is the winner.

 Grow your email list via text

LeadDigits” feature is one more beneficial tool that aids you to connect to potential customers where they spend the large majority of their time …

LeadDigits lets you collect phone numbers (far more effective than email, but harder to get) and get email signups, send coupons, or promote your business via text.

Leadpages Pricing

Leadpages offers 30 days free trial then there are three plans you can choose from.


$25 per month you need to pay annually includes these features

Unlock conversion tools to generate leads.

1 site builder.

Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars

Unlimited traffic and leads.

free custom domain

free hosting

Mobile responsive site templates

Lead Notifications

Tech support via email.

PRO Plan

$48 per month paid annually

Unlock conversion tools to generate leads.

3 sites builder.

Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars

Unlimited traffic and leads.

free custom domain

free hosting

Mobile responsive site templates

Lead notifications

Tech support Priority Phone Tech Support

40+ Standard Integrations

Online sales and payment

Unlimited A/B split testing

E-mail trigger links

10 opt-in text campaigns


$199 paid annually

Unlock conversion tools to generate leads.

Up to 50 sites builder.

Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars

Unlimited traffic and leads.

free custom domain

free hosting

Mobile responsive site templates

Lead notifications

Tech support Priority Phone Tech Support

40+ Standard Integrations

Online sales and payment

Unlimited A/B split testing

E-mail trigger links

10 opt-in text campaigns.

How To Create Leading Page?

Building landing page super easy leadpages provides several landing pages designed template you can insert and change the details which you want to put on your landing page.

First, you need to select which type of template according to your niche then customize it. You can change fonts and colors.

What Is Leadpages Used For?

Leadpages used to create a landing page for a product you want to promote because you can’t link your product page to your ads page.

Also, used to build an email list to promote your products via email marketing by sending offers to your list subscribers.

Leadpages Analytics

Leadpages supply easy-to-interpret analytics for each of the landing web pages, popups, and Lead Magnets you develop.

You can see the number of people who are subscribing by means of each Leadbox as well as which Lead Magnet is most popular.

Why Use Leadpages?

You should use Leadpages if you have a budget for a financial plan for an expert greeting page instrument.

It will likewise assist you with developing your email list quicker and convert more leads into clients. Leadpages will assist you with abstaining from investing energy coding or building points of arrival with HTML.

Its motivation worked for private companies, bloggers, and more who don’t possess energy for specialized difficulties.

From there, no other landing web page designer matches its prolonged attributes as well as for analytics combinations.

Nonetheless, if you desire even more control over the look of your opt-in and also touchdown web pages, you will certainly have to pay extra to post your own.

Is Leadpages Worth It?

In my opinion, lead pages is the best landing pages builder and 100% worth the price if you just started your business you can select a standard plan.

You can create specialized landing pages complete with banners and pop-ups in minutes and then publish them live with no coding or design knowledge. That will drastically increase your conversion rates.

You can get a free trial for 30 days in this period you can test it well if it fits your needs you can continue after your trial or cancel your subscription No obligations required.

Pros Of Leadpages

  • Easy to use drag and drop editor for creating landing pages.
  • Awesome selection of landing page templates of different types.
  • Integrates with most 3rd party apps and services.
  • Built-in Facebook ad integration.
  • Collect leads via SMS using LeadDigits.
  • Easy learning curve.
  • 14-day free trial

Integration: Leadpages is the UN of landing page tools. It comes with 40+ standard integrations like Google Analytics, Facebook ads, and live chat software.

Cons Of Leadpages

Pricing It’s not modest, however, it shouldn’t be. It’ll cost you $300/year least, and that is without the propelled highlights.

Limited customizations of editor elements.

Can’t easily share LeadPages or LeadBoxes.

Pretty basic split testing options.

What Can Leadpages Do?

Leadpages Assists Small Companies To Connect With An Audience, Accumulate Leads, And Close Sales. Easily Develop Web Sites, Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, Sharp Bars, And Also Beyond.

2. Can Leadpages replace my web site?

Leadpages can be utilized as a supplement to your company’s site or can change it completely.

With an easy-to-use DIY Drag & Decline Home builder and also themes that are rigorously conversion-optimized, you can utilize Leadpages to swiftly introduce your website and range your organization.

Our system is developed to fit your organization at every phase of its growth.

Will I have to spend on any landing web page layouts or other features once I become a Leadpages client?

Your Leadpages account features endless accessibility to all the 200+ themes in addition to accessibility to every attribute currently included in the plan you select for as long as you continue to be a member.

You might also have the chance to broaden your account with paid add-ons, such as additional opt-in message codes, additional sub-accounts, and costs educational programs– but that’s totally up to you.

4. When is the correct time to begin making use of Leadpages with my business?

You’ll obtain one of the most out of Leadpages if you join when you have something to promote (or presell).

Leadpages Websites make it quick as well as very easy to obtain online as well as with our landing pages as well as conversion devices, growing your organization is straightforward and straightforward.

If you’re not quite all set to get started, consider subscribing to our blog– it’s loaded with resources that will certainly help you grow your service and also format your marketing strategy with self-confidence.

Where should I turn to find out more?

They have a wide range of resources to aid you to hit the ground running and also use Leadpages to its full potential. Be sure to have a look at the following:


Leadpages supplies a touchdown page building contractor for smaller sized services as well as its pricing plan looks pretty appropriate at a glance.

There are a number of things it requires to take care of, nevertheless. In case it makes A/B testing completely accessible on each performance of its foundation, then the modest expenses of its Standard arrangement become a certifiable resource.

Currently, you fundamentally require to settle up for its Genius kind and this puts you near Instapage costs.

The other 2 problems I have is the lack of customization options on Leadpages’ layouts, which makes it tough to collaborate the marking and also arrangement on existing websites.

Then we have that web page developer which could have cleared up those customization problems, on the off opportunity that it had not been on the weak side.

Last decision? Leadpages could be a phenomenal alternative for littler organizations in the event that it fixes a couple of essential issues.

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