Long Tail Pro Review Is This For You?

what is long Tail Pro?

Long-tail Pro is a desktop keyword research and ranking tracking tool. It’s the most important part of SEO to become a super traffic generator and smash the competition.

Using long-tail pro you can easily find keywords with low difficulty and monthly search volume.

Your first step in SEO rankings and traffic generation is your selection of best keyword tool that saves hours of your

time and get better rankings, and in this review, I going to reveal to you one of the best keyword software this is a long tail pro.

Use long tail pro step by step to discover thousands of profitable keywords in any niche, find low competition keywords for your site in minutes.

Long-tail Pro is used by over 70,000 active users this tool for anyone looking for high traffic keywords with low

competition, anyone searching for new niches and busy people this software is suitable for them.

Long-tail pro very easy to use you don’t need any SEO knowledge to use it. A few simple steps everything will be done.

This ranking tool SEO has a lot of features and the price compare to the features very suitable there are so many

features in this tool, no another tool similar to a long tail pro in feature and if there is any tool that comes closer to long-tail pro it will be so expensive.

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Long Tail Pro Features

This tool comes with many features include

  • You can create multiple campaigns (multiple campaigns for different sites this help you organize your sites well.
  • Get keyword suggestions in bulk and get up to 400 related keywords with low competition.
  •  Find long tail high CPC keywords this will rank your site faster.
  • It provides great keywords difficulty scoring from 0-100 and tells you which keywords you can compete in.
  • It gives you suggestions on how to rank above your competitors.
  • You can track your ranking for each site.
  • If you want to create micro niche it tells you available domain names
  • You can check your ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the keywords you’re using.
  • You can import your own keywords list.
  • Also, you discover what’s is working well for your competitors by this tool you can let your competitors do all the hard work to
  • find low competitive keywords then you can easily using this ranking tool SEO put the page or domain’s URL in a searching column of long tail pro and see how does it discover their rankings keywords not only that also it gives you the position of each keyword which
  • keyword ranks in the first position and which in second, third and so no really helpful and a lot of people recommend this tool specifically because of these amazing features and affordable prices.

Using a long tail pro tool you can rank for various keywords and that makes it easier for you to rank on the first page

of google also you can use it for your videos on youtube because google and youtube almost the same.

This ranking tool SEO gives you an accurate search volume to help you choose which keywords very easy to rank for.

As well as  Keyword Competitiveness (KC) analysis. You can search for specific keywords in your niche and get hundreds of results and keyword suggestions.

Also, you can use Google AdWords keyword planner to find hundreds of new keywords related to your niche fast and

easy. You can choose which country and language to target you can select more than one country.

Track your domain ranking and tracking and try to improve it constantly by selecting new easy to rank keywords to

help you rank high and get more traffic from search engines.

Use this ranking tracking tool to determine the difficulty of the ranking of that keyword which you’ve selected to rank on top of google and youtube search results.

If you subscribed in this ranking tracking tool you’ll get two tools Rank tracker and backlinks analysis to check the quality of the backlinks that you want to build.

You’ll be able to add your website to discover the level of keyword difficulty you should be targeting based on your

domain authority with each of your sites so you can focus on your search.

View analysis is powered by Majestic ranking tool SEO  to help you determine domain authority, page authority,

domains that point to this page or domain, indexed URLs, check the number backlinks linked to that website you’re targeting of links daily search volume.

Use the brand new ranking tool tracking which contains many features to help you determine a keyword’s

profitability based on whether you’re building an Adsense Site, an affiliate marketing site, or selling your own product.

You can download export lists of keywords difficulty and search volume for each keyword, competition analysis to

easily get ranked on top 10 Google and youtube results.

You can filter keyword results by the level of competition, local search volume, advertiser competition, amounts of words, and keyword competitiveness level.

This powerful ranking tool SEO gives you many features to help you rank high and increase your traffic and domain authority.

Insert a list of targeting keywords and get a complete analysis of competition level, CPC, local/global monthly searches, and the total amounts of high search volume keywords.

If you’re looking to build a niche website I highly recommend this ranking tracking tool because it gives you a

complete analysis and helps which niche you should dive in. It gives you new ideas about new niches and the competition rate for each niche.

Long-tail pro gives high volume search-relevant keywords so you can rank easily on the first page of Google and drive massive traffic to your website.


Is There Any Trial Available?

Yes, the long tail offers a trail for seven days so you can check it well in this period whether it is suitable for you or

not. and The first thing you need to do create a campaign and don’t forget that the country you choose is a targeted country.

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How Many Computers Can I Use This Tool?

You have the ability to install long tail pro in up to 3 computers.

After you install the software you should enter your topic which you want to rank for then it gives you monthly search volume and

competitiveness, in the beginning, I recommend to pick up keywords with competition rate not more than 35 to rank well, then later on when

your website becomes strong you can use keywords with a high competition rate.

Which Language Does Long Tail Pro Support?

Long-tail Pro supports every language and all countries supported by Google so you can use it to find a profitable niche in any language this very nice feature.

Which Operating System Does Long-Tail Support?

This software is cloud-based on adobe air so it supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

How To Use Long Tail Pro?

It’s very simple you need to your target keyword then it shows you monthly search volume and the competitiveness rate for that keyword also gives many related keywords that people are searching for.

It’s much easier to rank for these related keywords because the competition relatively low and there is monthly search volume also you can use backlinks for ranking faster.

Keywords Research For A Project

To add a new project to long-tail pro there is a small plus button on the upper left corner you need to click there and

your project then you’ll add your website and it shows relevant keywords based on your domain authority and gives keywords with high chance to rank for.

You can choose how many suggestions you want to see per keywords this can be edited according to your subscription plan.

In case you want long-tail keywords you’ll need to select the words section and put the minimum number of keywords to search for.

So this software very strong and will help you rank rapidly it’s time and energy-saving the price also quite good

compare to similar tools the cheapest one costs around $97 per month this tool one of the best solutions for SEO.

How to find new niche keywords?

One of the best features of the keywords research tool is that it helps you a lot to find a profitable niche to get started with.

Using Long tail pro is the main part of your success in marketing it does a lot of things for you. They offer $1 trial for 7days even if you don’t

want to continue using this software you can try it for one dollar in this period you can find your profitable niche and also search for relevant

keywords and download them in Excel file then later you can rank for these keywords after your trial finished.

Results Analysis

Long-tail pro returned about 20 suggested results. For instance, if you enter a word the search volume appears let’s say 40,000 per month and

keyword competition rate 50, of course, this so high and very difficult to rank for but the beauty of this software gives a lot of relevant keywords

with good monthly search volume and low competition rate, you can use them instead of high keywords.

High Traffic Low Competition Keywords

A long-tail pro can give over 340 high traffic keywords in 12 niches and it’s super easy to rank for these keywords they have an overall monthly

search volume of about 2.3 billion and with average competitiveness of 30 or less.

What Is Long Tail Pro Pricing?

They are offering two plans

Starter plan

7 days trial $1 then $37 per month includes these features

  • 10,000 keywords per month
  • Keyword Competitiveness Score & Competitor Analysis
  • Determine Keyword Profitability with New Rank Value Feature
  • Get Custom Keyword Difficulty Recommendations for Your Domain
  • FREE Access to the new Rank Tracker.
  • Get Full Free Access to Long Tail ranking tracking tool.
  • In-App Chat Support.

Pro plan

7 days trial $1 then $67 per month includes these features

  • 25,000 keywords per month
  • Keyword Competitiveness Score & Competitor Analysis
  • Determine Keyword Profitability with New Rank Value Feature
  • Get Custom Keyword Difficulty Recommendations for Your Domain
  • FREE Access to the new Ranking Tracking tool
  • In-App Chat Support.

SEO Optimization LTP

After you find your target keywords do these SEO simple steps

  1. Put the keywords in the title of your post
  2. Put the keywords in the UPL of your post.
  3. Make sure to use H1 tags in your post.
  1. Make sure to mention your keywords a few times when you’re using this ranking tool SEO in the article.
  2. The description includes your keywords metadata description of your blog.

Keyword Competitiveness Checker

This feature very useful it will help you a lot with competition and search volume analysis and average competition rate. includes

0-10 no competition at all.

10-20 very low competition.

20-30 low competition

30-40 moderate competition

40-50 somehow competitive

50-60 very high competition

60-70 extremely high competition.

If your website new don’t select keywords with competitiveness above 30 and try to use relevant keywords which similar to your main term.

Who is long tail pro suitable for?

This ranking tool SEO suitable for

  1. Anyone wants high traffic keywords with low competition.
  2. Anyone wants to discover new niches.
  3. Busy people and want to save time and energy.
  4. Anyone wants to increase search engine traffic.
  5. Bloggers that want to increase traffic to their blogs.

Long-tail pro pros and cons


  1. Rapidly gives accurate keywords.
  2. Keywords competition value is really helpful once updated.
  3. Very easy to just a few simple steps.
  4. Copy and paste about 200 keywords.
  1. Large amounts of data and endless ranking possibilities.
  2. It provides excellent value and cheaper than most of the keywords tools in the market.
  3. They provide videos to make the usage of the software super easy.
  1. Long-tail pr as a whole is a combination of three tools in one these are keywords research, competitor analysis, and checker.
  2. 7 days $1 trial this really helpful because if it isn’t suitable for your needs you can cancel the subscription.


Like most of the keywords tools, it takes some time to pull up a long list of related keywords.

KC isn’t accurate till get updated.

Frequently asked questions

What is long tail pro?

Long-tail Pro is an amazing keywords research software that allows you to generate long-tail keywords and then drive massive free traffic

How can I find long-tail keywords?

All you need to do is subscribe in keywords tool like long tail and enter the main keyword root then it gives hundreds of related keywords with low competition and high monthly search volume so you can rank for.

Why should I use a long tail pro for SEO search?

A long-tail very helpful tool for SEO gives you keywords with high conversion value.

How do I use long tail pro?

You can use a long tail pro to drive traffic with high conversion value, it helps you to get the best keywords for your niche.

Long Tail Pro Conclusion

To get succeed in your business you need to rank on the first page of Google to get high traffic conversion that why you need to have

keywords research software to help you rank fast by giving you high conversion keywords and low competition for this reason I highly

recommend long tail pro software to help you in ranking journey.

There are a lot of keywords you can choose from but their features and prices too expensive in comparison to the long tail, long tail pro has a

a lot of fantastic features with affordable price also they offer 7 days $1 trial you can check the tool if you find it nice you can continue use if not you can easily cancel your subscription.

If you share it, It would make my day.

Thank you for reading.

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