MY Traffic Jacker 2.0 Pro Review Does it work?

Do you want fast traffic from the biggest sites on the internet and for a low price?

Do you want to make money from multiple streams? if yes, then you’re in the right place.

What is My Traffic Jacker 2.o pro?

Seo tool and free site traffic generator My traffic Jacker is a web-app software program and also domain names finder.

That enables you to uncover all available price cut domain names on Youtube, Wikipedia, BBC, Medium, Reddit, Forbes, Quora, and also yahoo answers.

The idea is you can search for a keyword in any niche you would like to target by this Seo tool.

Then choose the platform which you want to get traffic from.

It gives you all available domains linked to specific articles.

Related to the keyword you entered or videos if you’re searching on youtube.

After you found the domain you can buy it and redirect it to your affiliate offer, CPA offer.

Landing page, or your website to get traffic to your website for free and fast.

So, anyone watches that video linked to your domain.

And clicks the link below the video will be directed to your site or your digital marketing product.

If you bought a domain from the other platforms and someone comes through that article.

Which linked to your domain and clicks also will be directed to your site or affiliate offer.

Also, it has other features like high-quality backlinks but you need to upgrade $35 or $37 package.

Keyword tool, Tutorial videos to teach you how to use the tools and find discount domains. It includes 7 videos, auto-search.

You can monitor when exactly these domains are going to expire in case you did not find the available hijacked domain

to the keyword, you entered. You can monitor how many views the video you’ve selected gets every day this one of the best SEO tools on the market.

They provide a guide in a written form with pictures on how to use the platform.

There is a Facebook group for sharing the success of those who are using my traffic Jacker.

In my opinion, this SEO tool is the fastest way to get traffic to your site or your digital marketing offer.

Because you only need to pay for the hijacked domain about $6 or 7 you do not have to care about ranking articles.

Or buy any other SEO tool or backlinks to rank videos because they already ranked and get views.

Imagine you find a discount

domain linked to a channel with million subscribers and views and that is possible.

I found an expired domain linked to the youtube channel has 3.2M subscribers.

Found domains in Wikipedia, medium, and BBC this is an amazing tool.

Thousands of crazy expired domains

Have been found by the users till now I am writing this article  167,847 domain found.

This is the best way to get targeted traffic to your site or marketing offers.

Make commissions you’ll be getting traffic from the biggest site online.

For a very low price only you have to pay for the domains.

No previous skills needed to use my traffic Jacker only you need to do is select the platform.

From inside my traffic Jacker dashboard that you want to get traffic from, put the keyword, select how many pages you want to search this in case of youtube.

Choose up to 10 pages to search for the basic plan which I am using.

and 100 results for the other platforms.

If you upgrade to higher plans you can dive deep more than 10 pages and 100 results for each keyword.

This What You’ll Get From My Traffic Jacker If You Buy Today

One time payment with a discount.

Legally Hijack Traffic and Authority From YouTube.

  • Legally Hijack Traffic and Authority From Wikipedia
  • NEW in 2.0: Lawfully Hijack Traffic as well as Authority From BBCNEW in 2.0: Legally Hijack Traffic as well as Authority From QuoraReroute that website traffic to ANY offer you would certainly like quickly
  • Direct-Link and Earn Affiliate Commissions in 24 hours or less and much much more all inside my traffic Jacker dashboard.

To get just one domain that is still actively linked to a MONSTER site like Wikipedia.

Is enough to rank you high and get free traffic to your site or affiliate offers.

Not only will that domain name remain to benefit from the ridiculous ranking authority that originates from having a web link from Wikipedia.

However, you’ll also, take advantage of all the click-through web traffic that comes down on Wikipedia.

And just like YouTube and  Wikipedia links out to MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of privately owned websites.

for reference so they can solidify the content posted on their site.

However, over time, some of these privately-owned sites let their domains EXPIRE! and you can pick them up using my traffic Jacker Seo tool.

Then you can use my traffic Jacker to pick up these domains and direct them to your site or digital marketing offers.

They’ve developed this Seo tool that finds these broken discount domains for you.

Enables you to choose them up for 10 bucks or less

and reroute that web traffic and authority anywhere you ‘d like – instantly.

Whatis New In 2.0 Pro Version?

The users of my traffic Jacker have been having SO much success finding expired crazy domains.

With built-in traffic, authority, and equity on YouTube

and Wikipedia that they knew there had to be other sites they can hijack from as well!

So my traffic Jacker team went on the hunt and struck ABSOLUTE gold on two other GIANT.

In 2.0 pro version of my traffic Jacker SEO tool two sites have been added to my traffic Jacker list, these are Quora and BBC.

These platforms include

The biggest video sharing platform on the internet

The biggest and the most authoritative wiki site on the internet.

One of the biggest news sites on the internet.

One Of The Biggest Q&A Sites On The Internet.

MyTrafficJacker permits users to browse by key phrase on either Wikipedia, YouTube, BBC

or Quora and also discover real-time, however, expired links that are still posted on these sites

that you can pick up for as little as $10 and redirect that traffic and authority anywhere they’d like!

How powerful it is to be able to pick up an expired discount domain that still has a live link from Wikipedia.

What do you think about being able to pick up an expired domain that

is still published listed below a YouTube video that is getting hundreds or perhaps countless sights daily?

And picking up a domain that still has a link that’s been shared on a highly ranked Quora post!

To buy a domain that has a live link from a page on the BBC is fantastic.

How To Use My Traffic Jacker?

step 1

Input Your Target Keyword

This might be a tough choice since they’re all so powerful and highly-authoritative sites

Using this SEO tool it’s as simple as making your choice.

The effectively integrated keyword phrase engine will certainly enable you to turn one key words into dozens

of keyword phrases that you may not have actually thought of.

so you can never run out of particular niches as well as keyword phrases to pirate for.

Step 2

Select Whether You Want To Pirate From YouTube, Wikipedia, BBC or Quora

step 3

In this step, MyTrafficJacker will start scouring either YouTube

or Wikipedia to find available discount domains that you can immediately register for as little as $10.

Step 4

Register the Domains And Redirect

you’ll be able to immediately redirect that traffic and authority anywhere you want!

Using Seo and marketing tool you do not need

+ Creating and uploading videos not needed.

+NO ranking videos needed.

+Do not need to pay for any ads.

+websites not required if you don’t want.

+SEO not required if you don’t want.

+ Heck, you don’t even need your own YouTube Channel OR a hosting account!

just follow the 4-steps above and you’ll be able to start getting targeted traffic

At Any Time In Any Niche, You’d Like.

backlinks building

Simply locate the offered ran out domain names, get them, and also redirect the website traffic as soon as possible! Speak about Amazing.

Endless Keyword Phrase and Niche Research

Below you’ll have the ability to browse and also find a limitless quantity of keywords and also particular niches that you can hijack in.

You can input just one major keyword phrase, as well as MyTrafficJacker, which will instantaneously present other related key phrases.

Easily Hijack Website Traffic And Authority From Wikipedia

After you know what specific niche or keyword you intend to look for

You’ll have the ability to immediately establish MyTrafficJacker to start searching for offered price cut domains for you based on your keywords.

Picture exactly how effective it’s mosting likely to be to pick up domain names that still have online web links from Wikipedia!

Quickly Hijack Website Traffic And Authority From YouTube

Not just are they integrated with Wikipedia, but they’re also integrated with the second largest search engine on the net

that will certainly provide your site with high-quality backlinks.

With MyTrafficJacker, you’ll be able to right away begin pirating other people’s video web traffic and also rerouting that traffic anywhere you ‘d such as!

Easily Hijack Traffic And Also Authority From BBC

Yup, with pro 2.0 release, they wished to go BIG or GO RESIDENCE! As well as they’ve provided BIG!

You can currently hijack ended domains that are still uploaded on BBC!

Yes, that is short for British Broadcasting Firm: Among the BIGGEST News sites on the web.

Today covering stories from THROUGHOUT the world in ALL sorts of niches and also if you obtained a backlink from BBC you’ll get high Search Engine Optimization ranking rapidly.

This is the type of site individuals combat to get released on, nonetheless; equipped with MTJ, you can be on there within MINUTES!

Conveniently Hijack Traffic As Well As Authority From Quora

I make sure you’ve landed on Quora a couple of times in your lifetime, right? Yes, obviously.

It’s just one of the greatest QnA websites on the web.

It’s a simple site: Customers have a concern, they post it on quora, the community of professionals (along with various other customers).

can respond to that concern to the best of their capacities.

— AND ALSO they can include web links in their feedbacks. Which’S where MTJ is available in.

LOTS OF these replies have insane domains.

that have actually run out and are ready to be seized up by you for $10 or less.

Aan Quora places really high for a TON of search phrases, so you’ll be able to gain from all of that!

Hands-Free Domain Checker.

They didn’t desire you to need to leave their web traffic and Search Engine Optimization device for anything so they constructed an automated domain name checker right into their hijacking algorithm.

With the push of simply one switch, you’ll promptly see what videos.

or pages have damaged links AND ALSO understand if a domain is offered to hijack or otherwise.

Unlimited One-Click Domain Getting.

Again, this boils down to being as reliable as possible.

they integrated with the API’s of both Godaddy and also Namecheap so that with simply one click available domain names.

get added straight to your cart with the press of just one button! This will certainly guarantee you never ever miss out on an offered domain!

Completely Control The Age of the Videos You Want to be Delivered To You.

When utilizing YouTube hijacker, you’ll be able to search for video clips based upon when they were submitted.

Most individuals purchase domains for only a year.

so simply picture the amount of more videos you can discover when you go deeper into older video clips!

Look By Importance or by Sights.

This will certainly let you get back at more targeted on the videos you want MyTrafficJacker to supply to you.

You’ll be able to regulate whether you desire videos based upon the importance of your search phrase.

or based on a variety of views.

Include Or Remove Domain Names To Miss From The Results.

The last point you desire is to have MyTrafficJacker screen domain names that you have actually currently hijacked or domains that are not yet offered.

Below you’ll be able to add or get rid of domain names from the search results.

to ensure you’re always getting special domain names you can pirate.

Here you’ll be able to add or remove domains from the search results

to ensure you’re always getting unique domains you can hijack.

Ability To Export Data In CSV Files

They comprehend that they will have some power individuals who prefer to sort via their pot of gold in your area. This function is for you.

Right here you’ll have the ability to download any type of and all results

to your local computer as well as a type through all the information quickly as well as conveniently.

See just how can you generate income With MyTrafficJacker as well as The Domain names you’ll be buying?”

The amazing thing concerning this SEO and traffic tool is that there are actually

LOTS OF ways that you can profit with it.

Technique 1 #.

Direct-Link Associate Advertising.

This is possibly one of the most evident and A NUMBER OF the individual’s FAVE money-making strategy.

It’s the easiest AND ALSO fastest to deploy.

ALL you need to do is merely allow MyTrafficJacker to find these gold-mine domains for you, choose them up, and also start redirecting the website traffic to any kind of electronic advertising deal you would certainly like.

Hell, you can even reroute the web traffic to a ROTATING web link so.

that you send traffic to numerous different offers and locate the one that converts the very best.

Approach 2 #.

Direct-link Product Advertising And Marketing.

If you have your very own products, this can be extremely effective (but additionally really sly) to produce sales for your own items.

You can make use of MyTrafficJacker to locate domain names that remain in the very same particular niche.

as you are and also begin rerouting all that traffic to your internet site instead.

Yea, imagine being able to discover one of your competitor’s domain names that they failed to remember to renew and you can select it up for simply $10.

as well as set up a simple redirect to your website!

Approach 3 #.

HUGE Checklist Structure Earnings.

Bear in mind, a number of these domains you’ll be discovering are still obtaining hundreds (and also in some cases also thousands) of site visitors each and every single WEEK!!!

Instead of sending them directly to an associate web link or a sales web page.

send them to a press page FIRST, and reap the remarkable incentives of constructing an e-mail list.

Approach 4 #.

Easy Adsense Profits.

This is one more user-favorite considering that it’s a “set-and-forget” technique to make money with the domains you’ll be finding.

One of the quickest points you can do is transform these domain names into straightforward Adsense revenue sites.

Because they’ll be featuring website traffic and authority built-in, this is a very powerful and easy method to release.

Technique 5 #.

Straightforward Domain Name Turning.

Many, Several, of the domain names you’ll be pirating, are mosting likely to include extreme levels of domain authority.

Not just are they aged domain names that probably had some wonderful web content on them, visualize just how much value.

they’ll have from still having an online link on

they’ll have from still having a live link on

So make sure you take advantage of this offer today.

Buy It Here

Or how much worth they’ll have from still obtaining click-through website traffic from YouTube! Search Engine Optimization Advertising and marketing and also Agencies alike would pay BIG money for domains that have energetic links on Wikipedia.

Just merely purchase these domains, and immediately

checklist them on or any other domain turning site and money in big!

Approach 6 #.

Construct a POWERHOUSE Private Blog Network.

Can you visualize the number of positions power you can produce by having simply a HANDFUL of domains that?

still, have real-time web links from Wikipedia? It is the SEO marketing professional’s dream to get domains keeping that sort of authority.

With MyTrafficJacker, you’ll instantly be able to build the MOST.

powerful Personal Blog site Network is known to any kind of SEO marketing expert and also ranking for almost any type of particular niche you ‘d such as.

Simply having 1 or 2 back links from a domain that has a real-time link from Wikipedia is sure to send out any kind of internet site.

or Video STRAIGHT to the initial web page of Google!

Strategy 7 #.

Buy-and-RENT your Private Blog Network.

Similar to above, if you instead not use your personal blog site network to rank your own material, you can simply rent it out to.

other SEO marketing experts and collect a very substantial monthly fee for getting backlinks from your Private Blog Site Network.

Technique 8 #.

Resell The Domain Name BACK to the original proprietor.

Yup, this set can conveniently walk on many individuals’ moral compass yet can still be very successful.

Sometimes life gets in the way and also the initial proprietors just merely failed to remember to renew the domain name before the moratorium was up.

You can provide to market it back to them for a quick $250-$ 500 (or MORE). Okay of an ROI on your $10 investment, right?

Approach 9 #.

Authority Redirect Rankings.

This is another quick and also easy strategy.

With this method, you merely grab the domain and also instantly reroute it directly to any type of YouTube video clip.

or specific niche websites to offer it an enormous increase in rankings!

Heck, simply ONE redirected link to ANY niche website or YouTube video clip from a domain name that has an online link from Wikipedia.

is invaluable and will generate SUBSTANTIAL outcomes!

Technique 10 #.

Ranking your eCom website or Store Listing.

Just like redirecting these domains to your specific niche site or YouTube video clip, you can additionally utilize it.

these domain names to rank your eCom site and/or store listing.

Can you imagine the power of integrating a domain with a real-time Wikipedia web link as well as the MASSIVE authority of Amazon? You’d control your whole niche!

If you use several of these methods you’ll obtain the most of this software.

So make sure you make the most of this offer today.

My Traffic Jacker rates.

It has 2 strategies.

MyTrafficJacker Lite.

250 Credit reports (1 search is 1 credit history– so you can potentially hijack numerous domains).

Hijack domains as well as authority from Wikipedia.

Full Access To Lawfully Pirate domains from YouTube.

Accessibility To entirely Pirate domain names and authority from BBC.

Legitimately Hijack domain names and also authority from Quora.

Keyword phrase Idea tool so you never ever lack suggestions to hijack in.

Endless One-click domain acquiring to RIGHT AWAY grab offered domains.

Completely Control The Age of the Videos You Want to be Delivered To You For BEST Results.

The Capacity to arrange By Importance or by Sights to discover even MORE readily available domains.

Include Or Eliminate Domains To Miss From The Results for maximum efficiency.

Export data to sort via your pot of gold locally.

Case Study of A Profitable Project ($ 97 Value).

Free use of our Daily Video Views Tracker to assess and keep an eye on the video clip sights ($ 197 Value) included.

online 90-minute Technique Session ($ 297 Value).

A Special 20% Discount Code For Upgrade # 2 ($ 27 worth).

$ 62.33 once payment restricted time deal.

Buy It Below.

MyTrafficJacker Pro.

1,000 Debts (1 search is 1 credit score– so you can potentially hijack hundreds of domain names).

Get full gain access to To Legally Pirate domain names and authority from Wikipedia.

Authority as well as domains from YouTube.

Pick up domain names as well as authority from BBC (high authority information site.

Domain names as well as authority from Quora high authority concerns and also answers site.

Use a built-in Search phrase Recommendation Engine to obtain several alternatives so, you NEVER lack concepts to pirate in.

limitless one-click domain name purchasing to IMMEDIATELY pick up offered domain names.

Control The Age of the Videos, You Wished To Be Delivered To You For BEST Results.

The Ability to arrange By Importance or by Sights to find much more readily available domains.

Add Or Eliminate Domain Names To Skip From The Results for maximum effectiveness.

You can Export data to arrange with your pot of gold locally.

The video record shows you an effective Case of A Successful low price domains that give you an idea.

Daily Video Views Tracker to show you the variety of everyday sights that video getting.

Get in the real-time 90-minute Method Session ($ 297 Value).

The 4th Perk is An Exclusive 20% Price Cut Code For Upgrade to the professional plan.

$ 65.62 one-time settlement limited offer.


I highly recommend My traffic Jacker SEO tool for any marketer because this is the fastest traffic generator software I’ve ever seen

this tool gives domains that already ranked and have backlinks from the biggest sites you only need to pay a few bucks and get

targeted traffic from many platforms including youtube and BBC.

The good thing is you can make money from this software in many ways

as listed above you buy these domains at

low price and sell them at a higher price in other platforms like

Do not miss this traffic and SEO tool it will change your business position.

Visit The Official Site Here

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