One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Do you want to know what the one funnel away challenge all about? Also, you’ll learn how to build an amazing marketing funnel easily using clickfunnels Also, I will reveal to you how to get the one funnel away challenge for a cheaper rate (huge discount).

  1. Introduction
    • Overview of the One Funnel Away Challenge
    • Mention of building marketing funnels with ClickFunnels
    • Teaser about a discounted rate for the challenge
  2. What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?
    • Explanation of the 30-day training program
    • Mention of top coaches in digital marketing
    • Emphasis on creating high-converting sales funnels
  3. Sales Funnel Stages
    • Understanding the stages of a sales funnel
    • Importance of each stage in the funnel
  4. What Are Sales Funnels?
    • Explanation of sales funnels and their purpose
    • How sales funnels organize the selling process
  5. The Coaches of the One Funnel Away Challenge
    • Introduction to the coaches: Russel Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen
    • Their backgrounds and expertise in digital marketing
  6. The Four Weeks Training
    • Overview of the four-week training structure
    • Details of each week’s focus and missions
  7. Week 1: Offer Hacking
    • Description of the missions in the first week
    • Explaining the importance of offer hacking
  8. Week 2: Your Story
    • Insights into the significance of storytelling
    • Missions for the second week
  9. Week 3: Generate Leads and Sales
    • Detailed overview of lead generation and making sales
    • Missions for the third week
  10. Week 4: Launching Your Funnel
    • The importance of launching your funnel
    • The missions for the final week
  11. How to Build a Successful Business
    • Tips on building a successful business with the One Funnel Away Challenge
    • The role of ClickFunnels in the process
  12. Affiliate Programs
    • Mention of the One Funnel Away Challenge and ClickFunnels affiliate programs
    • Commission structure and benefits
  13. How Does the Challenge Work?
    • Explanation of how the challenge operates
    • Topics covered during the training
  14. Pricing and Value
    • Information about the cost of the One Funnel Away Challenge
    • Description of the value participants receive
  15. Doable and Rewarding
    • Why the challenge is doable and practical
    • Key benefits, including clear actionable items
  16. Conclusion
    • Encouragement for those interested in learning marketing funnels
    • The value of learning from the creators of ClickFunnels
  17. Call to Action
    • Encouragement to join the challenge
    • Sharing and appreciation for reading the review

What is the one funnel away challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training taught by top coaches in digital marketing they will show how to create high converting sales funnel for your business.

One funnel away challenge is the best course on How to create funnels, generate leads, and traffic generation secrets.

You’ll be given all information on how to build highly converting sales and marketing funnel and traffic secrets to make sales easily and rapidly.

The coaches of this course are very famous and well known in the digital marketing world they are the creators of click funnels.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are, clickfunnels will help you scale your business dramatically, marketing agency, gym, coaching business,

drop shipping, amazon FBA business, affiliate marketing, local business, or any type of business clickfunnels can increase your profits massively.

I think you want to sell your own products or services or you already have a business and looking for good software to help you scale your business if so, then clickfunnels is your best marketing tool.

Learn how to create highly converting sales funnels and leads for your business.

Also, another software you may need as a complement to click funnels is GetResponse is one of the best email marketing tools.

This training will help you to get everything you need to create a successful business for grabbing the attention of customers to follow and buy from you.

The one funnel away challenge is hosted in funnel hacker within this platform you can easily interact with other OFA entrepreneurs.

After you become a part of OFA you will receive daily emails about the training and last update.

The 30 days challenge course is given by Russell Brunson and two of his top marketing coaches Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian to build your highly converting sales funnel that can generate a lot of money.

Russell Brunson’s course very intense many people took the course multiple times it’s so good and it has changed many people’s lives completely and achieved resounding success.

I highly recommend this course for everyone who wants to change his/her life completely the course doesn’t give you only marketing information but also changes your mindset.

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The Four Weeks Training Will Go Like This.

The first training week will cover what is the hook and how long does it take to build a highly attractive sales funnel, the framework, one funnel away, lady boss story, and the map.

Week 1 Offer Hacking

  • Mission 1 the offer hacking
  • Mission 2 the greatest showman
  • Mission 3 offer sequencing
  • Mission 4 the secrets of E-covers
  • Mission 5 creating your products.

The second week takes you through the process of how to test your hook and important points following the testing hooks process.

Week 2 your story

You’ll learn the importance of the stories and how you can use them in your copy.

Your story can attract the customers and force them to stay and watch your ad and read your page and then of course you’ll make sales.

Week 2 missions

  • Mission 1 testing your material
  • Mission 2 epiphany bridge
  • Mission 3 publishing you’re an origin story.
  • Mission testing hooks and stories.
the third week Russell Brunson’s challenge will guide step by step how to construct an attractive sales funnels that will show you how to generate leads. Then during the final week, you’ll learn how to make it rain.

Once You Created Your Story And Offer You Will Use Click Funnel To Build Your Funnel If You Don’t Clickfunnel Account You Can Get 14 Days Free Trial Here.

These Are The Missions For Week 3

  • Mission 1: they’ll show you to Generate a Lead / Make a Sale
  • Mission 2: ClickFunnels
  • Mission 3: Sequence Page
  • Mission 4: Sales Page / Order Form
  • Mission 5: OTO Page
  • Mission 6: Member’s Area

Week 4

In this, you’ll be able to launch your funnel and you’ll learn about different types of leads.

Week 4 missions are.

  • Mission 1 the different types of traffic
  • Mission 2 hooks earned and hooks paid.

Who Are The Coaches In The One Funnel Away Challenge?

Russel Brunson

Russel Brunson is the creator of click funnels the marketing sales and funnel builder, he has 15 years of business and generated a massive amount of money with clickfunnel.

Clickfunnels is a website and sales funnels used by over 100.5k active entrepreneurs to easily get their products and messages out to the world.

Besides that Russel has written many best-sellers books like Expert secrets and DotCom secrets which talking about marketing secrets and how to generate huge free buyer traffic.

He will talk about the importance of funnels, how to create an offer and marketing strategies that will help you a lot.

Julie Stoian

He is a successful 7 figure entrepreneur and one of click funnels creator and she has created many businesses that generated millions of dollars.

She has been in a funnel building for several years.

Stephen Larsen

Stephen is going to help you stay active and motivate you to stuff done easily, the challenge contains 30 days of training.

Stephen is an expert funnel builder and digital marketer 2comma award winner and he has his own podcast called sales funnel Radio.

He will guide you and encourage you so you’ll stay active and motivated

What Does One Funnel Away Challenge Contain?

It consists of 550 pages 30 challenge book the one funnel away workbook and also there is funnel training MP3 player and other materials are included in this challenge with complete package costs over $3100.

The fee is very affordable and you’ll guarantee to get the value of your money.

The workbook has a cover of 30 days challenge and contains tasks for you to complete during the training period also

the workbook contains strategies and plans to help you get the most value of this training and build your own successful sales funnel.

You’ll get an audio player with a challenge so that you can listen to the course while doing something else.

30 days of video missions provided by Russell Brunson ($997 value).

He personally will teach you step by step how to build a million-dollar business using click funnels.

30 Days of coaching from Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen ($997 value).

when Russell Brunson has done with his teaching period Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen will start with you and give you their expert coaching in a practical way so you’ll get everything done in front of you.

30 days hardcover book this book contains super value stuff Russell asked about 30 experts what would they do if they lost everything and had 30 days to build again so you’ll get advice from 30 super successful entrepreneurs this really will help you.

Check it here

One Funnel Away Unboxing

Here what you’ll find inside this business kit

30 days hardcover book

This book is about 550 pages and has super powerful detailed plans revealed 30 two comma club members the content will reveal how those 7 figure entrepreneurs start their business.

Also, you’ll get One Funnel Away workbook

In this book, you’ll find all the tasks of the 30 days training you’ll be able to solve the task for each training day.

A power-packed physical MP3 player

In this MP3 player, you’ll get the whole 30 days challenge training recorded in audio form so you can listen to the training anywhere and anytime.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Is Different!

This Challenge you’ll give funnel package of building sales funnels and leads capture.

It combines the right marketing KNOWLEDGE…
you need to build your first marketing funnel…

And a “no-excuses” ACCOUNTABILITY coach who won’t let you off the hook…

When you finish this challenge you’ll have full confidence to start building sales processes.

One Funnel Away Challenge Pricing

This training costs $100 if you need the physical one funnel challenge kit it requires extra payment about $19.95 if you live in the USA and $29.95 if you live outside the USA.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

This challenge is taken by many people who interested in generating high income if you participate in the challenge, show up to the daily live calls, implement what you learn, but the time the challenge is

done, you will have a complete funnel and a solid understanding of the core fundamentals of direct response marketing and funnel building. 

If you did not love the challenge you can request a full refund during the whole training period.

How Does The One Funnel Away Challenge Work?

Don’t worry if you are completely beginner because the OFA challenge is going to guide you step by step and teaches you everything you need to about funnels and more.

There are many topics that will be covered in this training these are a few of them

  • What is clickfunnels and how to build a funnel.
  • Hook, story, offer
  • Epiphany bridge
  • OTO pages
  • Launching your first funnel
  • Direct response marketing
  • And more stuff

During the training period, you’ll receive an email with a mission for the day in the form of a video.

Russel Brunson will guide you through the whole process from the creation of the offer to complete funnel building.

He will present the theory on his whiteboard table and introduce the most important concepts to understand on this process works.

In this training, you’ll learn a lot from this man with 15 years of marketing experience.

Russell is a world-class marketer and his one video alone on Grant Cordone’s 10X Growth Con made $3 million.

Who is one funnel away the challenge for?

One funnel away challenge for the following people

  • entrepreneurs
  • graphic designers
  • copywriters
  • businessman
  • bloggers
  • drop shippers
  • small business owners
  • real estate agents
  • health and fitness people

Does one funnel away have an affiliate program?

Yes, one of the best thing about one funnel away challenge it’s super easy affiliate program this program pays you 100% commission so if you sold one course to someone else you’ll get your money back.

Not only one funnel affiliate program but clickfunnels has another affiliate program called Bootcamp which you can promote and get 40% recurrent commissions.

Clickfunnels affiliate program is the best because it pays 40% recurrent commissions and they have many features like dream car this means if you got 100 people signed up using your clickfunnels affiliate link they

will pay you 40% recurrent commissions and $500 monthly this for your dream car and if you got 200 people signed up using your link you’ll receive $1000 monthly this really great program.

Clickfunnels is a very potent software that will help you build your own sales funnels, leads magnet to scale your business profits.

It makes selling and delivering products very easy and it’s super easy to you don’t need any experience to use it

because everything is done for you in a few minutes you will get your own sales pages they provide videos to guide you step by step how to use clickfunnel so you won’t get lost.

One funnel away challenge has an amazing community there is a Facebook group for all people who have taken the

challenge so in that group, you can meet super successful business owners they share their ideas in that group you can get valuable information definitely will help you in your journey.

How to build a successful business with the help of one funnel away challenge?

If you want to build a great successful business you’ll need more than just tools you need guidance and method of learning as you are working.

This concept applies to many things in life not only business building a successful business with clickfunnels one of those things.

Clickfunnels is a potent tool that allows you to build highly converting sales funnels for selling and delivering

products it’s very easy to use and it makes a lot of complex processes simple like building a funnel just in a few minutes with drag and drop.

Using this software you don’t need any domain or design your own website everything you need for your business is ready.

There are many different ways to learn how to use clickfunnels but the best way to mater it and use effectively is one funnel away training course because this provided by the people who created clickfunnels itself so no doubt this is the best.

Get Started Now

What if you suddenly had no money and no job, what steps would take to stand up on your feet?

The book in this 30 days challenge reveals the world’s top 30 marketing experts’ action plans on what steps they

would take right away from the first day today 30 if they lost everything and only had knowledge, computer, and internet access.

These 30 experts have won the 2comma club award … they have made a million dollars in just one sale funnel in

their business imagines you’re getting information from these successful entrepreneurs these answers alone desire more than $100.

There are many courses given by other people on how to build your own funnel and sell your products but I don’t

think you’ll enough information or complete package of knowledge as in one funnel away challenge course to get started immediately building your successful sale funnel.

what if I don’t have my own products to sell?

It doesn’t matter this is not about products

Its training is designed in a way you even if you don’t have your own product you can create sales funnel and

promote other people’s products as an affiliate marketer the training is about how to build your own marketing funnel and drive buyer traffic to the products you are promoting.

Is One Funnel Challenge Doable?

Yes, doable as hundreds of people did it of course if you have the will to do it you can.

some rewarding

  • Clear actionable items every day
  • No time to overthink or get stuck in overwhelm
  • The course is well-organized everything clear so you will not get stuck in any step.

What you will get for $100?

you will get…

  • Full access to one funnel away challenge
  • Permanent digital access to the content from 30 days page which is 30
  •  the interviews with 30 entrepreneurs who’ve made 7 figures with a funnel
  • Access to a private group with other funnel hackers and all other participants in the challenge

And some bonuses I have already mentioned above.

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in the physical version of one funnel away challenge?

With the physical version, you’ll get access to 30 days book and MP3 player with over 50 course recorded in audio format that includes the daily training sessions

Does One Funnel Away Challenge Worth The Price?

Surely one funnels away training course worth more than $100 because it covers many topics which not covered by $1000 courses.

Do I need the skill or knowledge to join this training?

No, you don’t need any special skills to join this challenge you can join and learn they will teach you step by step till you get your funnel live.

Is it essential for me to have my own products?

No, you don’t, this course is all about creating funnels, driving traffic, understanding conversion optimization, creating membership areas, understanding how to properly sequence your offers, and so much more


You can get started as an affiliate marketer promoting other people’s products for commissions

Do I need to have an active subscription with ClickFunnels?

You don’t have to use clickfunnel to build your sales funnel there are many platforms that provide sales funnel building.

But anyway you need a platform for applying your information which you’ll get from this training because the course

teaches you how to build an attractive sales funnel that converts well so you don’t use any platform to apply your knowledge of this course will be useless.

Is there any Facebook group to discuss your questions or issues?

Yes, of course by subscribing to one funnel away challenge you will automatically become a member of the funnel hackers community.

where you will be able to ask questions and they will reply also there is a Facebook group where you can ask you questions and discuss with people who have taken the challenge.


If you want to learn skills about the program of type of business you should learn from the main source or from the founder of that program to full training.

The best source to master clickfunnels is to participate in the training designed by the creators of clickfunnel because they know well what’s

clickfunnel and how to use it correctly to build your high converting sales and marketing funnel that can scale your business and the best training course to master funnel building is one funnel away challenge training.

As you go throughout this challenge you can use clickfunnels to put your knowledge and skills into action so you will not get confused or lost you can use clickfunnels alongside with your training to practice what you’ve learned

If you really want to scale your business or reach financial freedom you need to exert some effort.

Today there are countless ways to make money online but only people with good knowledge can succeed and make their dream real.

I hope you all the best and get success in your business.

Thank you so much for reading my review.

If you share, it would make my day.

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