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Which one should you use, ClickFunnels or Builderall?

What are clickfunnels and Builderall ??

Clickfunnels and Builderall are marketing tools that help you to create fast loading websites, sales funnels, landing pages, webinar funnels, auto-responder, collecting E-mails, and more features that any online marketer needs to increase his/her sales.

What clickfunnels?

Click funnels is a website and sales funnel builder for building high converting sales pages, landing pages, generating leads, collecting E-mails, webinars, membership sites.

upsells and downsells and every type of sales funnel you think of you will find there.


plus you can guide your visitors step by step through the entire sales process so they do not get confused or lost.

And follow up with your visitors even after they leave the sales page.

click funnels gives you the tools and strategies you need to succeed in your business and grow it rapidly inconvenient spot.


Using click funnels means building highly converting sales pages and collecting e-mail lists rapidly and conveniently.

Basically, you’re getting everything you need to launch and sell your products online without having to hire any marketer to help you.

In click funnels, everything has been created for you NO technical knowledge required.

Sales funnel will save your time, money, and exertion.

Click funnels gives pre-made sales funnels, landing pages Builder, and plenty of templates with drag and drop editing features.

And providing a flexible funnel design process the funnel works step by step brings traffic in closer and closer until the visitor ends up at a payment page.

Using software like Builderall or click funnels is necessary for every person who wants to make money online does not matter either you’re selling your own products.

Or doing affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products to get a commission because using high converting sales funnel will increase your chance of getting sales.

The dashboard of the software so easy use and of course there are a lot of videos to teach you how to use clickfunnels to get the most out of it.

What Is The Sales Funnel ??

Before diving deep in, it is important to understand the main functions of the sales funnel and how it could change your business to a high-profit generator.

Sales funnel is the process where you guide a lead or visitors in order to convert them into buyers, sales funnel transform leads into permanent customers.

The main idea of creating sales funnels to get customers’ e-mails and then you can build strong relationships with your audience and trust.

This would make them easier to make a purchase decision and that how you can make money with e-mail marketing it is a super easy and essential part of your business.

A sales funnel method is needed to send customers to the sales page this page should be designed and formatted in such a way attractive so that people will not hesitate to make a purchase.

By building wonderful sales funnel you can massively increase your profits.

Most of the time highly converting sales pages will comprise catchy headlines.

And accompanied by relevant videos or images and bullet points that provide a rapidly informative description of how this product important for one’s life.

All these actions are required to make the visitors excited about the products.

And once they have entered their credit card information in your sales funnel and made a purchase this is the beginning of your nice journey with your customers.

And you could offer them additional offers a few days later and other kinds of upselling and down-sell.

With so many different types of funnels are available today you need to figure out which one is the best suitable for your business.

And how you can target your clients and easily convince them to make a purchase.

What are clickfunnels features?

1.Funnels template blueprint

This software has around 22 different types of professional sales funnel templates

That can be used for any kind of business either it is small or big and these templates are classified into four categories.

. Sales page funnels

. Lead capture funnels

. Event funnels. membership funnels.

Each funnel has it is own templates and paid templates that you can choose from according to which type of funnel you want to build and for what purpose.


This software will host all your sales funnels, landing pages, leads, and webinars in one place as a part of the service.

3.Drag and Drop editor

Building sales funnels and landing pages using it is super easy and smooth.

Everything is ready just you need to drag & drop to build your amazing sales funnels stages.


There are two ways you will be able to host a webinar using click funnels first you can host a live webinar using some platform like GoTo Webinar or zoom.

Second, you can use click funnels event funnel to manage the registration process and increase attendance.

5.Integrated shopping cart

These very helpful tools help you to track all purchases on your website, click funnels has incorporated in this tool in their tools suites.

6.Page Builder

This is one of the main features of click funnels that why I must devote special attention to it.

The funnel builder gets most of the high rating feedback due to this feature and really this solid landing page and builder.

7.Funnel Design Templates

There are many different templates including sales pages, squeeze pages, subscription, order, payment, events, leads, and thank-you pages.

8.E-mail marketing automation

This software integrates with many popular email programs including Aweber, MailChimp, Get response, salesforce Hubspot and more.

However, click funnels offers it is own marketing automation platform including actionetics which exist in the Etison suite plan.

9.The build-in included training (funnelflix ) amazing

If you want to raise your business up then funnelflix training for you it is a brilliant resource that every marketer should get it.

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Also, clickfunnels offers traffic secrets books these books teach you how to get traffic to your sales


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What is Builderall?

Builderall also similar to clickfunnels with some differences it helps to create sales funnels, webinar funnels, Video funnels, Unlimited magazine builder, professional messenger chatbot, professional website bot, social auto poster,

social proof popup, Instagram autoresponder, SMS messages, script generator, animated video,3D photo editing, Transparent floating videos, video wrapper, Video tag tool, video hosting, E-mail marketing automation, and more.

Builderall gives you the tools that necessary for online marketing in one place instead of buying each one separately.

Both clickfunnels and Builderall are clouds based systems it means you don’t have to install anything on your computer to use them.

In addition to all previous features, Buiderall also has great connections to other external websites and apps which is a plus. You can easily synchronize it with other online marketing tools easily which is useful if you want to keep using some of your other software.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are doing Builderall and clickfunnels each one of them can help you build it completely.

In Builderall you’ll find all tools in one place so you don’t have to spend a penny on other software and the price also, much cheaper than clickfunnels this is one of the best features of builderall.

In the case of clickfunnels you’ll need to use another email marketing tool like getResponse you can use email marketing automation inside clickfunnels But this will be more expensive.


What are Builderall’s Features?

Builderall has a lot of features some of them available on the  Premium plan, and some of them only available with the essential plan.

1.Dedicated servers

Builderall provides web hosting servers to create your websites, sales funnels, webinars, video funnels, and more to publish your websites.

Using Builderall you don’t need any other web hosting companies to create a site.

2.Drag and drop site builder

Builderall gives you a variety of options to build a fast loading site or sales funnels using many funnel builders like website funnel builder, video funnel builder, APP Builder, WordPress 3 click integration. Also, you can build an e-commerce store and more.


Builderall provides so many pre-Built templates in different niches including health, events, Music, Travel, design, agency, news, and education.

This gives you flexibility in the selection of which template suitable for your product or service.

4.Sales funnels

There are many sales funnels template which already built for you to choose from them they’ll help you to create high converting sales funnels these templates include a lot of options such as integrations, checkout, and cross and up-selling at the checkout.

 5.Heat mapping

This feature almost exists only in Builderall many competitive platforms don’t provide heating mapping which allows you to determine where your audience clicking which page they are interacting with more.

This also will help you define where to put more attention-grabbing items and offers to get more sales.

Google analytics also integrated into Builderall which helps you analyze your audience’s actions in your site.

 6.The floating video

This feature allows you to upload videos you’ve filmed with a green screen or a similar color background to only display the objects in front of the screen.

Allows you to create attention-grabbing videos that you can put in your landing pages.

7.Presentations builder

The presentation builder allows you to create attractive presentations for your business this feature like PowerPoint but has more features.

8.Animated video tool

One of the amazing features of  Builderall video animation tool which lets you create completely animated videos with texts and animation so, you don’t have to go to fiver or any small services platforms to buy videos for your ads.

9.Design studio

Using Builderall you can create stunning images and videos for your website, products, courses, eBooks, social media

You can upload your own videos and images and edit them to make better converting videos and images.

10.Email marketing

Builderall has an E-mail marketing automation system called mailingBoss which allows you to create e-mail marketing campaigns and put them in an automated system so it can send messages automatically and constantly to your customers.

11.On-page SEO

On-page SEO tool helps you to rank your website in the search engine by putting the keywords that you want to rank for. Also, this feature is amazing in Builderall.


If you want to sell products or services online either yours or affiliate products you need a store to list and sell your offers and this what exactly Builderall does.

You can put your products in builderall marketplace and select your payment and delivery options.

Also, provides amazing eCommerce features like coupons, popups, checkout process, and more.

You can build an affiliate website to promote other people’s products and earn commissions.


If you are selling online courses then you need to have a platform to manage your course and create an affiliate program for it. All you need is provided by Builderall E-learning feature.


Builderall offers you a webinar funnel builder to build and host an engaging webinar for your products.

15.Blog builder

Using Builder blog builder you can easily add blog posts using an intuitive tool.




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Funnel Club plan


15 Domains
10GB – Disk Space
Unlimited Subscribers

  • Cheetah Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • Cheetah Drag & Drop Funnel Builder
  •  Funnel Simulator and Data Comparison
  • Builderall Video Hosting and Manager*
  •  Builderall Booking & Calendar App*
  •  Builderall Private Chat Builder
  •  Drag N Drop Email Marketing Automation
  •  Professional Email Marketing Platform
  •  Responsive Email Builder
  • Email Scarcity Timers
  • Super Fast CDN Servers
  • Website Daily Backup
  • DDOS Attack Prevention
  • Unlimited Builderall/Cheetah Subdomains
  • Unlimited Membership Areas
  • Blogging Apps
  • Super Checkout
  • Super Checkout for Affiliates Sales Control
  • Builderall Checkout
  • Auction Checkout
  • Mobile Page Loading Accelerator
  • Full SEO On-Page Optimization
  • Builderall Directory Builder
  • Free Product Plus Shipping Checkout
  • E-commerce Checkout (50 products)
  • Bump Sales, Upsales, and Down Sales
  • A/B Split Testing 
  • Page Loading Accelerator
  • Smart Popup
  • Countdown, Evergreen, Fixed Date Timers
  • CRM Integrated Tool
  • Builderall Telegram Automation App
  • SMS Messaging
  • Professional Messenger Drag & Drop
  • Chatbot
  • Professional Website Drag & Drop ChatBot
  • Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder
  • Builderall Professional E-learning Course Builder
  • Multiple Digital Marketing Training and   Knowledge Base Access
  • SSL Certificate
  • Builderall “right on time” and Evergreen
  • Webinar Builder
  • Webinar Built-in Call to Action
  • Facebook Live Streaming Tool
  • Youtube Live Streaming Tool
  • WordPress 3-Click Integration
  •  Builderall Advertising
  • Cheetah Turbo Template
  • Builderall Website Agency System
  • List import (subject to approval)

  •  VA Access
  • Website Transfer
  • Funnel Transfer
  • 50% less processing fees on the affiliate payment
  • Passive Income with Builderall Marketplace Commissions
  • One Individual Live Call with a Builderall Specialist
  • 30+ Messenger Chatbot Niche Funnel
  • 50+ Niche Funnels to capture leads and sell Digital Marketing Platform
  • 50+ Niche Funnels for Agencies
  • 20+ Niche Funnels for List Building (lead magnet included)
  • 10+ Builderall Premium Funnels
  • 300+ Cheetah Strategic Funnels (quick editing)
  • Special: Builderall Premium Affiliate Automatic Approval
  • Weekly New Nich Funnels added
  • Weekly New Cheetah Strategic Themes Add

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