Video Dashboard Review- Honest + Full Details

hat is the video dashboard?

Video dashboard is the world-class social automation technology to drive unlimited traffic, leads, customers, and grow your business rapidly and for free.

This video creator with photos software the only video creator software that enables you to publish your content in 11 different platforms and this will increase your traffic tremendously.

Traffic generation, leads collection and sales are the main steps of any business to succeed. It’s extremely important to know how to generate buyer traffic and leads to make sales.

Video dashboard is the software that comes with multiple features to help anyone to research the trending market and create attractive videos that highly convert and generate buyer traffic from almost all social media platforms.

There are many video creator tools like Vidviral 2.0 they have great features but the only video dashboard can leverage new platforms like Tik Tok, Medium, Reddit, and Pinterest.

of course including the famous medial platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Linkedin, are more platforms are included a total of 11 platforms. This is a Video maker best app.

It’s very rare to see one video creator software has multiple features because a lot of video meme tools have a few

features but the video dashboard comes loaded with many features in one easy to use the software.

Despite all these amazing features, you can get this masterful software for one time low price it is really worth it.

It’s very difficult to create highly converting videos by yourself using some programs and it’s time and energy-consuming and in the end, you won’t be able to create attention-grabbing videos as this software does.

If you’ve been struggling to get high sales from your business or if you’re looking for software to create insane videos for your youtube channel then this tool for you, make sure to check out don’t miss low price-powerful tool like this.

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Video dashboard software completely automates traffic generation, content creation, and leads collection.

You can try different video formats until you find the video that goes viral and scale your ad campaign to drive more buyer traffic and sales this only can be done by great video creator software.

So if you haven’t reached your goals, it’s NOT your fault But now you CAN do something about it!.

What Are The Features Of A Video Dashboard Software?

This amazing masterful tool has a lot of features including…

  • Research, identify, and monetize exponential growth trends before they happen!
  • Create unlimited videos for your marketing campaign to grab attention and drive more traffic and sales.
  • You can manage your video publishing to all platforms from one unified app.
  • Using high-quality videos you can scale your business without paid ads using potent marketing technologies.
  • Generate massive free traffic, leads, and sales, and scale your business.

Trending Market Finder

This feature automatically will search the internet and filters millions of video posts every minute to pick up the most recent and attractive videos.

So anyone in a moment can extract the attractive market trends, viral content, keywords, hashtags, and content for their social posts form twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and youtube inside one simple & easy to use dashboard.

Using Video dashboard software makes everything simple No need to spend hours searching to figure out what people are talking about online all this you can do it simply and in a short time using this tool.

After you figure out what people are looking for.

You can immediately create video content on that firing topic or niche using this video maker app and rank higher on

search engine optimization using trending hashtags, social media posts, and videos that already getting millions of views.

Social Video calender

The complete combined package of the social calendar with pre-made videos for a year you’ll have around 365 videos this amazing, isn’t it?

You can publish at least one highly converting video every single day to drive limitless buyer traffic and get

engagements with your pots and build your own BRAND and spread it worldwide.

Add your brand’s logo, images, text, and more to these attractive videos.

Access To Videomaker App:

This can convert any normal video into grabbing attention video in a few simple steps and short time.

Create long videos without length limits.

Customize your old videos, add images, logo, text, and make them attractive.

Merge Old Videos

You can join multiple shorts videos together to make a long amazing video.

Download videos from youtube and make a unique video by this tool.

Done for you video templates

Using video dashboard pre-built video templates you can highly grab attention videos and upload them on any social

media platforms to get high converting rate and traffic generation for your business.

You can create and fully customize the videos, adding logos, changing images and text or upload your owns videos

and customize them in a few minutes and with simple easy steps using this creative video meme creator.

Traffic Automation

Don’t care about Facebook paid ads, youtube, Instagram and other social media paid ads using Video dashboard’s

traffic automation feature you can generate a massive number of free organic traffic you don’t need to anything.

Maximize your conversion rate with videos and pre-built templates for any marketing purpose.

Super engagement with viral trending content delivered by video dashboard’s custom search engine.

Automate and scale your business by scheduling months of campaigns just in a few minutes with simple steps.

Get leads and sales from super engaging platforms as well as the new platforms.

Automate your business and save time and money.

All in one easy to use tool everything you need to get started increasing your profits in one dashboard all you need to click the button a few clicks.

This software puts you in front of the new traffic superhighway

This software lets you effortlessly leverage the hottest traffic platforms today, tomorrow, and for years.

The all-inclusive traffic dashboard schedules videos to social media platforms with high reactions converting rates that can easily convert the visitors into permanent customers.

Instead of using outdated tools missing out a lot of features now, you can get mid blowing results regardless of skills or knowledge.

Get free traffic from most popular platforms, traffic on demand whenever you want.

There is NO other software that can do all these features in one dashboard this is an insane traffic generator tool.

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Masterful video creator for 11 social media platforms

  • Pre-built video templates for top social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, youtube, Tik Tok, Medium, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • All templates are fully customized for specific social media platforms so no editing in size or dimensions of videos needed already has been done for you.
  • Add your own logo, change images, text, and background as you want simply and easily this tool very time and energy saving will you a lot.
  • Upload your own videos and add a call to action.

A lot more

You could use a video dashboard tool to automate all the tasks for you without…..

  • Paying for traffic or and an expert to help you.
  • Making videos or being in camera.
  • Struggling to find converting content.
  • Wasting time and energy posting on multiple networks.
  • Get massive results without a video creation experience.
  • Leverage new & unsaturated social platforms.
  • Create engaging video content daily.
  • Post consistently & frequently to each platform.

How does video dashboard work?

Video dashboard tool allows you to create potent grabbing attention videos that instantly attract the visitors and

convince them to react with your videos and finally convert them to customers, all these amazing videos you can make them in a short time without any skills or knowledge.

Also, get niche research and post your videos these videos will be recommended at the top of search results of each

the platform you’re posting in, this means you have a very high chance to get massive traffic from search results for free.

The creators of this software have included copyright-free videos from youtube using creative commons so you can use reupload into youtube and get free tremendous buyer traffic.

You can create videos with trending hashtags if you’re targeting people from around the world and use these hashtags in your videos to get traffic rates.

Share your videos and drive unlimited traffic from your phone using a video dashboard’s mobile app included with your access.

Manage your videos posting to different platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tik tok, and more.

Till now video dashboard is the only video creator that exists today that can immediately post videos in Tik Tok and medium this creative tool.

You can also 10X your results from Reddit, Medium, LinkedIn & more using this masterful tool.

As these platforms are growing your traffic will be increased constantly.

They’ve included videos that really convert well and templates were designed in a creative way so you can easily edit them and publish your content in 11 different platforms.

Social media influencers dominate social networks and driving huge free traffic for their businesses.

How Could You Get Free Traffic From Influencers’ Accounts?

Video dashboard allows you to leverage influencers’ posts for your own business free if you don’t use software like this you pay a lot of money for ads to get traffic.

How to use a video dashboard?

After your buy the tool you’ll receive an email with a login password.

Login to the dashboard you’ll see the dashboard as in the picture below.

In the main dashboard, you’ll see the menu and the searching to find trending content on each platform.

Step 2 Research trending content selects the platform(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tik tok, and so on.)

You need to put keywords in the searching box and click enter you’ll get a lot of different options of trending videos or any other type of post you can select from.

Step 3 add your social media account

Choose a social account and select a platform from the list which includes 11 different platforms.

Actually this is very easy to use video creator after your added social account super simple.

Why should I choose video dashboard software?

Video dashboard is the only video maker that exists today supports 11 different platforms including Tik Tok, medium Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, youtube, twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more.

Using this tool you can automate all your content videos, images, and text with potent App in one dashboard.

This is the only video meme creator presents today can publish into Tik Tok which rapidly growing platform, medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other 6 networks.

Does video dashboard work on windows and MAC?

Yes, absolutely correct it works on any operating system and works on your phone even you can use it on your mobile device and automatically to your social accounts.

There is a mobile app you can download it in your phone and customize your content from your mobile but of course in a computer more convenient.

Does the video dashboard support all languages?

Yes, this software all languages you can create videos in any language you want and publish them in all top social networks for unlimited traffic generation.

It supports all countries there is no limitation can you use it anywhere any time enjoy creating and publishing the most attractive videos that highly convert and build your business with free unlimited buyer traffic.

No technical skills or knowledge required to use the tool it is super easy and simple in a few simple steps you’ll get all done automatically publish your videos to different platforms in a short time.

Is There Any Training Source?

Yes, there is a step by step videos show you how to use the tool and ten weeks of webinar training to ensure you completely understood the software.

Video dashboard pricing

They are offering two options

Personal use includes the following…

  • DFY Calendar With 365 Videos
  • 80+ Video Templates
  • Unlimited Video Renders
  • Unlimited Video Publishing
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Personal Use License

One time price-only $47

Commercial License

Includes the following…

  • DFY Calendar With 365 Videos
  • 100+ Video Templates
  • Done-For-You Video Templates
  • Unlimited Video Renders
  • Unlimited Video Publishing
  • Step-by-Step Training
  • Commercial Use
  • 20 Extra Video Templates
  • 10-Week Webinar Training
  • Top-Secret Case Studies
  • Charge For Your Services
  • Use For Client Projects


One Time price-only $67

Video dashboard support

Only one click in your dashboard you’ll be connected to the support team fully staffed by friendly people happy to help you.

Upcoming updates are automatically pushed to your software so you always have the most recent version.

Do you know these statistics?

There are over 3.48 billion people actively using social media platforms.

According to statistics more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded to youtube every single minute.

Facebook says it gets more than 8 billion views every single day and that is a massive number because videos bring you a huge limitless opportunity to generate free buyer traffic.

Social media love video, millions of hours are watched daily on social media platforms.

More than 80% of traffic is generated by videos and more than 90% of users who watch the video will share it with others.

Over 80% of all online traffic is generated by videos.

Innovative big brands and influencers are just starting to shift towards new and niche networks like tik tok, medium, and Reddit.

Social networks are gold on your hand if you have the ability and right tool to help you get the most benefit of social media scale your business rapidly and passively.

We are introducing the most sophisticated marketing tool presents today. The video dashboard is an amazing video creator tool.

How can you skip these challenges?

There are many challenges facing any business owner but using a video dashboard based cloud app you can easily overcome them.

Challenge #1

I don’t have enough traffic?

Get all the traffic you’ll ever need. This Video creator tool will increase your traffic by showing your videos to your targeting audience to get more engagement and leads.


Paid ads so expensive

This software exterminates the need for paid ads. This video creator software includes tracking tools that let you know the most powerful engaging content to create similar attention-grabbing videos that generate non-stop traffic!


Competition and ads cost have put Facebook, youtube, and Instagram outdated.

Easily exploit RAPIDLY growing networks like Tik Tok, Medium & Reddit for audiences your competition isn’t even aware of! The software will enable you to post your content on 11 different social media platforms.

Challenge #4

I don’t have enough time or skills to create attractive videos for my business.

Video dashboard has a built-in search engine, to help you easily discover the hottest trending viral content for your marketing from Instagram, Twitter, Reddit & more.


Creating content and videos is time-consuming

The video dashboard has many pre-made templates you can customize in seconds.Also, you can use videos mad other, people and make some changes and use them.


I’d prefer Not to create videos at all.

No video? No problem! You’re covered with our first-of-its-kind “social video calendar” that’s loaded with 365 COMPLETELY done-for-you videos … Schedule these to social media daily for a hands-free boost in engagement, branding, and exposure!


I have no tech experience

Video Dashboard is a point & click easy to use.

Did you know how can you easily and passively skip all these challenges?

Video dashboard is your best marketing software

Future proof of your results

The video dashboard gets fast results and it’s also long term solution you won’t need any other video creators.

It might be imitated but will never be duplicated.

Get a massive advantage over the competition with the ONLY app that posts directly to TikTok & Medium, Reddit as well as 8 other powerful networks.

All your accounts are safe with new built-in technology.

Here are some highlights of the traffic you’re going to get

TikTok is going to overcome both FB & Instagram in traffic and engagement.

Tik Tok currently is the first traffic platform online

There are a lot of well-known brands and influencers starting to shift to this new hottest traffic platform.

It’s true that early online adopters create the BIGGEST impact, brands & businesses … now it’s your chance to grab these results.

As of late 2019, TikTok allows ANY type of content to be posted -not just music or skits.

Now it is the time to grab your share of TikTok traffic.

A video dashboard is the only tool that can plug your videos directly into Tik Tok.

Billion of user’s top self engagement and a direct boost in search traffic come from these super-powerful platforms like Tik Tok, Facebook, and youtube.

The video dashboard is an APP for all that.

Video Dashboard lets you share your video links to Medium for a powerful increase in search traffic, branding, and authority.

Video dashboard is the only APP with direct video integration with a medium setting your head and shoulders above the competition.

Get things right and you’ll see huge increases in targeted traffic, leads, and sales.

The great news is there’s very little competition on Reddit … because most marketers don’t know the unwritten rules of the platform.

Does the video dashboard worth this price?

The answer is Absolute Yes.

This software comes with amazing features never included in any marketing tool till now this is the only marketing APP can directly plug posts into Tik Tok, Medium, and Reddit.

You’ll get fully automated traffic-generation, video creation leads the collection, and make sales that you need to scale your business.

The video dashboard completely automates…

  • Finding trending content instantly and converts their traffic to your business.
  • Creates videos that grabbing attention immediately.
  • Publishing to 11 top social platforms and generates free buyer traffic.
  • Sales and leads generation on-demand easily automated.

And a lot of features you’ll discover inside this tool.

Is there any feedback from people who have bought this tool?

Yes, there is much positive feedback from clients and these are some of them….

Nothing compares, we’re so happy to be using it for our business. Saves us a lot of valuable time!

What are Video dashboard pros and cons?


  • So advanced tools and easy to use.
  • Includes features that don’t exist in any marketing APP today.
  • viral content & video creation that convert well.
  • Time and money-saving
  • Affordable price in comparison to the features.
  • Different templates suitable for 11 platforms
  • A few clicks to manage and publish your content on many social networks.


You’ll get full access to all these features in the updated version only.


It’s well known that to get success in any project you some equipment to facilitate your job and help you scale your project rapidly the same here

in online marketing, you need tools to save your time and money also to assist your business to grow rapidly and avoid wasting a lot of money.

This cloud-based app is going to help you tremendously, save you a lot of money and time and generates high profits.

Includes various features to make making money as simple as possible for you.

One time low price payment you can get this amazing software.

I highly recommend tools like this because they make everything possible and easy so don’t miss it out.

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