Video Marketing Blaster Review Does It Worth It?

what is a video marketing blaster?

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Video marketing blaster also called VMB is an easy to use video creator for youtube that rapidly will find all

keywords and phrases people are searching for on youtube to find videos on their target niche.

Also used in title, description, and tags generator.

Video marketing blaster was created by blaster suite guys Vlad and Stoica and has been around for several years and

used by over 20,000 active users. It tells you which keywords you should use to rank your videos quickly at the top of

YouTube and gives you estimated views you can get from these keywords per month.

The importance of video maker to rank your videos on youtube and google higher and faster and gives you an

accurate analysis of keywords to target correct and get a massive number of views and likes.

Nowadays rankings on youtube and google not easy because the competition is so high, you’ll definitely need a

a ranking tool to optimize your videos well and get ranked at the top and that what this video creator for youtube does

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Keyword Research

To get a massive number of views quickly you need to find the right keywords then optimize your videos for those

keywords and that what video marketing blaster does it optimizes your videos and analyses the competition.

It shows you the highest competition keywords and keywords which have less competition, all you need to do enter

your video’s topic and in a few minutes, video creator with music gives a list of related keywords and full analyses of

competition volume for each keyword.

Title, Description And Tags Generator

Choosing the right keywords in your youtube video title is the most important part of video optimization to rank your

video well and quickly so video marketing blaster collects all data and shows you the highest search volume

keywords and best-optimized SEO meta details.

That will rank your videos at the top results also it increases your ranking on google research when someone

searches about a topic related to your video.

Competition Analysis

Competition analysis is so important because if you don’t know your competitors you can’t beat them and get over

them in search results video marketing blaster gives you a complete analysis of the competition.

And tells you what you should do to outrank them and gives you places to free backlinks this so amazing software.

As we know thousands of videos are daily uploaded to youtube to get your videos to show at the top of youtube

Search results not easy with fierce competition this requires investing time and money and it is hard to show your

videos on the first page of Google or youtube.

But by using powerful video ranking tool that can be achieved easily and fast.

But Don’t worry I am going to reveal you a product that will do everything you need to optimize and rank your videos

on the first page of google and youtube search results in a short time with a few simple steps. This is video marketing blaster software.

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Rank Tracker

Video marketing blaster has a built-in tracking feature it can track an unlimited number of video tracking with

unlimited keywords this so an important feature included in this software so you don’t have to worry about tracking anymore.

Monitor rankings Google and youtube and optimize accordingly, by the way, tracking is essential to see how is your ranking and competition are going.

Video marketing software features

Video marketing blaster has four main features include

1.keywords finder

It brings keywords from everywhere.

It is a very advanced keywords research tool using a lexical-semantic engine super powerful keywords finder it will

provide unlimited low competition keywords that easily you can rank for.

Also, it reveals hidden keywords and phrases that you can not rank without them without this is an amazing tool and

will help you go deep in many niches it gives you full details about the video, niche analysis, and rank tracker.

But you need to have windows if you’re using a Mac you’ll need parallel or install windows to get started using this

video creator for youtube.

When you enter your video’s topic(keyword ) it shows up all keywords that people are searching on youtube with the

monthly volume search for each keyword, it allows you to which keywords are your competitors using and complete video details this will save you a lot of time and energy.

It Will Reveal Hundreds Of Related Keywords

Video creator will uncover 100s of super highly ranked titles, tags, descriptions, and more that will bring a massive number of video views and likes amazing free traffic generators.

2. Rapidly organize your videos on youtube.

  1. Generate free traffic from your videos
  2. Track your video ranking process.

How Does Video Marketing Blaster Work?

It is very simple to use

First step enters untapped keywords after you entered the keywords it will show you 100s of keywords and keywords

related to your video’s topic not only that also analyses them to let you choose high traffic generator keywords you

can easily rank up, research from research suggestions, and full video meta details.

Second step automatically SEO optimization by one button click you’ll discover your competitor’s weakness it will

show their weak areas and mistakes in descriptions, title, and tags so you will optimize your video well.

This is an amazing software and low price really worth this price.

Step three relax and track your videos rankings and profits, VMB software tracks your videos rankings in both

youtube and Google and gives you notifications about the rankings changes each time.

Video marketing blaster pricing

Video marketing blaster $27

OTO #1 video marketing blaster pro $47 ( highly recommended )

Includes rank tracking, rank report, niche analysis, and suggested backlinks.

Video Marketing Blaster OTO #2 VMB Local Pack $37 Includes 20 Title, Description,

And Tags Templates Specifically Designed To Rank For More Than 20 Niches.

OTO #3 live event blaster $67 9(best one highly recommended).

Using video maker with music you can Create,  and stream 100s of live events with few clicks.

Video marketing blaster is highly recommended by many users and it is one of the best ranking software for both

youtube and Google you’ll easily rank your videos without SEO headache it gives everything you need in one place, it is time and energy-saving tool and low price.

It should be owned by

  1. Freelancers
  2. affiliate marketers.
  3. website and blog owners
  4. e-commerce
  5. Amazon sellers
  6. Shopify store owners
  7. Online and local business owners
  8. social media marketers.
  9. YouTube video creators.

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Video Marketing Blaster Pros And Cons

100% free traffic generator

No experience require.

brand new perfectly working software with over 20,000 active users

No website needed

No paid ads anymore

A completely automated tool with super features built-in.

A massive number of views and likes and then passive income.


it is compatible with windows only so if you are a mac user you’ll need to download windows.

What are youtube ranking factors

The top right side of this picture shows the important ranking factors that youtube depends on them rank the videos

the developers of this software have determined are the most important ranking factors considered by Google algorithm when it ranks videos on youtube.

This scheme shows the number of times you should repeat some keywords on title and description and number of views, subscribers, social signals, and other factors.

In the course of time, they were able to manage these factors in a way that enables them from tracking changes in

Google and youtube algorithms all these factors are included in video marketing blaster software.

Thank you for visiting my blog if you’ve got any questions  feel free to ask below in the comments box.

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All the best.

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video is the future

More than 70% of all internet traffic comes from video social media users interact with video more than any anther

type of posts and 85% of people watch the video till the end, and some of them share it with friends.

Youtube watch time on mobile growing by 60% year on year.

Over 90% of online marketers find videos very helpful in making purchase decisions.

So if your video attractive you’re going to beat competitors and win the traffic I have a review on the video creator

tool which amazing, time, and money-saving you can check the Review on the link above.

33% of all time spent online is spent watching videos, and videos are getting higher ranking than websites because

Youtube is owned by Google so it’s better for Google rank videos over websites.

Video marketing blaster the only software is able to reverse-engineer youtube and google the ranking system and

rank hundreds of videos with a click of 3 buttons.

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